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Watch: Give Employees Access to Apps and Data Anywhere with VMware Cross-Cloud Services

Work has forever changed. We all know we need to provide new ways for employees to access the applications and data they need to work, without compromising on security. With users and devices in truly any location, traversing networks you both own and don’t own, and applications ranging from SaaS to mobile to your own internal builds, the complexity starts to become a problem. User experience suffers, and security gaps arise that you may not even see.

Solving for these challenges is an unavoidable task. Data and assets need to be protected, and employees need a great digital experience to maximize productivity.

So how can you give employees access to the apps and data they need to work everyday, and meet these goals? This video walks through the ways you can enable your hybrid workforce with the secure access they need from anywhere, using VMware Cross-Cloud services.

There are four key areas of the employee experience these services address, each applied consistently across applications, user locations, and clouds.

  • Measuring employee experience: Review where apps are performing poorly, devices not working properly, and users are having issues accessing data, culminating in a user experience score you can benchmark.
  • Central access to business apps: Bring apps to your workforce in a single hub with SSO access that’s transparent to the end user.
  • Keeping devices secure: Apply endpoint security to your employee devices so you can prevent malware, detect vulnerabilities, and remediate quickly when attacks do occur, learning continuously to improve protection.
  • Zero-trust access from any network: Let employees access applications and data from anywhere with Zero Trust access policies applied, and traffic optimized across your distributed environment.

While we may be several years into our hybrid work reality, there is no substitute for the productivity of a workforce towards business success. Providing a great employee experience is paramount, and you can achieve it without sacrificing the integrity of your data.

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