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CXO Spice: From Cloud Chaos to Cloud Smart

Enterprises are increasingly moving their operations to the cloud, but without a strategic approach the result is often an ad hoc assortment of public and private clouds. This creates inefficiency and complexity and presents unnecessary challenges for developers.

Vittorio Viarengo, VMware VP of Cross-Cloud Services, sat down with Helen Yu for a recent episode of CXO Spice to talk about how VMware is helping enterprises transition from this “Cloud Chaos” to a more intentional and strategic multi-cloud architecture. In other words, helping them become “Cloud Smart.”

Helen Yu explores a Cloud Smart approach with Vittorio Viarengo

In the episode, Helen and Vittorio cover topics such as:

  • The importance of organizations taking stock of where they are on their cloud journey so that they can build a strategic roadmap for their Cloud Smart future
  • Customer success stories illustrating the many ways a Cloud Smart strategy can simplify cloud management and improve developer experience
  • How a single-platform approach can drive efficiency and offer an improved experience for app development, operations and security across the organization
  • The need to break down the three biggest barriers to the “Great Replatforming”

Additional resources:

VMware Cross-Cloud services: Learn about our portfolio of services for building, running, managing and securing applications across multiple clouds.


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