Cross-Cloud Services

Join Us at Supercloud 2 on January 17

The complexity of multi-cloud operations is not going away. In 2023, IT leaders will continue to seek ways to improve the economics of cloud computing and make investments that help standardize traditionally fragmented cloud operating models.

Join VMware at Supercloud 2 on January 17 for this live, free streaming event to participate in this important conversation. Learn how others in the industry are navigating across clouds and unlocking innovation that drives business growth. You’ll hear from a variety of technology leaders, vendors and cloud customers who will discuss the latest IT best practices for multi-cloud strategies and operations. 

Sneak peak: Watch this Supercloud 2 event preview featuring Vittorio Viarengo

Join Vittorio Viarengo, VMware VP of Cross-Cloud Services, and Kit Colbert, VMware Chief Technology Officer, as they provide their perspectives on how you can advance your strategic cloud initiatives. You’ll also hear from executives and thought leaders at organizations such as Walmart, Oracle and many others.

The importance of an abstracted layer of cloud computing is clear, and without industry standards to operate across many clouds with simplicity and security, IT leaders will continue to be inhibited. Some call this a “Supercloud”, while we at VMware call it Cross-Cloud services. Learn how you can be more strategic with multiple clouds and simplify the way you build and manage your environments to drive down cost and abstract complexity.

This industry event will feature:

  • Industry-leading perspectives on the steps toward the standardization of a “Supercloud”
  • Executive discussions on driving digital innovations via various cloud strategies
  • Roundtable discussions on cloud data management, self-service infrastructures and more

We hope you tune in and watch live on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

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