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ESG: Cross-Cloud Services and Taming the Complexity of Multi-Cloud

Cloud choice has introduced a new level of complexity. VMware Cross-Cloud services—a new level of abstraction for building applications once and deploying them anywhere with unified management, security and access—empowers enterprises to tame it. Yet how does the portfolio support an organization no matter where it is on its multi-cloud journey?

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Senior Analyst Mark Bowker and Vittorio Viarengo, VP of VMware Cross-Cloud Services, discussed this topic and more at VMware Explore 2022 in San Francisco.

In this video, these two experts shared data and perspectives about:

  • Multi-cloud and cloud native app adoption trends
  • The era of API-first development
  • New VMware Aria and VMware NSX announcements and capabilities
  • Breaking down barriers between dev, ops and security teams
  • Career opportunities for VI admins


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