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VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing: July 2022

The latest edition of the Multi-Cloud Briefing focuses on securing the multi-cloud enterprise. Watch it here:

You can’t stop what you can’t see. Combatting the latest generation of security threats—particularly in a multi-cloud environment—requires a level of visibility that VMware is in a unique position to deliver. Our threat intelligence capability provides an end-to-end, granular view of what’s happening with your users, devices, networks, applications and data. This helps you achieve a strong, consistent security posture across your multi-cloud estate that spans your perimeter, endpoints, and everything in the middle.

In the briefing, you’ll hear from VMware business leaders and distinguished guests who will share best practices and real-world perspectives. You’ll also see demos of how VMware security solutions can help secure your multi-cloud environment. You’ll learn:

  • How the threat landscape landscape has evolved over time, and what’s particularly complex today about safeguarding a multi-cloud environment
  • Why it’s important to think beyond only securing endpoints and the perimeter and expand your focus to include lateral threats to help protect everything “in the middle”
  • How three VMware Cross-Cloud services can help defend your enterprise from ransomware attacks, API vulnerabilities, and misconfiguration errors

About the VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing

Launched in 2020, the VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing is a quarterly online event series designed to help organizations succeed with their multi-cloud strategies. Each briefing has a new topical focus and features new speakers and solutions, all dedicated to informing, engaging and enabling companies worldwide to seize the opportunities and address the challenges of a multi-cloud world.

There’s no need to register to watch the briefing. The Multi-Cloud Briefing series is an open opportunity to hear from VMware technologists, industry leaders and your peers, so you can take the knowledge most relevant to your organization and shape the future of your growth in the cloud.

You can find this briefing and the entire series on our YouTube channel and the Multi-Cloud Briefing Playlist. Subscribe to our channel to catch future briefings and discover other valuable content.

Additional resources

For more information on VMware security and other solutions for your multi-cloud environment, visit:

VMware solutions featured in the demo segment of the July 2022 Multi-Cloud Briefing include: