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Multi-Cloud Operations Multi-Cloud Services

How VMware Enables Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Private cloud. Public cloud. Multi-cloud. Edge clouds. Organizations today find their teams, data and workloads spread out over an array of environments. Unsurprisingly, this has led to increased technical complexity, security risks, soaring costs and disjointed cloud strategies.  

“39% of executives “struggle to have a common set of controls over [their] public clouds.1

With VMware Cross-Cloud™ services, you can run, migrate, modernize, manage and secure applications across all your clouds, all from one centralized control center. With solutions that enable a cohesive cloud infrastructure, leaders can satisfy the priorities of development and operations—while managing spend.   

“91% of executives are looking to improve “consistency across [their] public cloud environments.1” 

Cross-Cloud services enables a variety of strategic IT initiatives, such as: 

Run Apps and Workloads Anywhere with VMware Cloud™ 

  • Migrate and run enterprise applications 
  • Consistent operations across public, on-prem, and edge environments 

Build and Operate Cloud Native Applications with VMware Tanzu™  

  • Build and manage modern applications with Kubernetes 
  • One development environment, one deployment pipeline 
  • Works across private and public cloud environments 

Monitor and Manage with Cloud Management 

  • Single management console 
  • Visibility into costs across clouds  
  • Resource optimization and cloud subscription based on utilization 

Secure Networks and Environments  

  • Connect and secure environments across clouds 
  • Detect risks and enable remediation 
  • Evaluate against custom or industry compliance standards 

Find out how VMware Cross-Cloud services can help your organization conquer the complexity of multi-cloud environments. 

1)  VMware FY22 Q3 Executive Pulse, September 2021 


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