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The Power of “AND” in the Multi-Cloud Era

Cloud adoption enables important business outcomes such as application modernization, efficient DevOps, and ease of access for a remote workforce. Often, businesses migrate to the cloud organically, with diverse decision-makers adopting the platforms and infrastructure that’s best for their goals in the moment. The result is more organizations than ever find themselves in a complex, multi-cloud environment.  

Today, 73% of enterprises are using two or more public clouds.1  As organizations step back and look holistically at their cloud investments, they may see a collection of platforms, priorities and price tags at odds with each other as well as the overarching goals of the business.  

When balancing competing priorities such as security, speed, and cost—where are leaders supposed to compromise? 

To answer that question, VMware created Cross-Cloud™ services—a portfolio of solutions to build, deploy, run, manage, connect and secure applications in a multi-cloud environment. And thankfully, the answer is:  

Businesses don’t have to compromise through the power of “AND.” 

VMware Cross-Cloud Services Portfolio  

  • App platform to build and deploy cloud native apps 
  • Cloud management to manage the performance and cost of any app 
  • Cloud end edge infrastructure to run enterprise apps anywhere 
  • Security and networking to connect and secure any app 
  • Anywhere Workspace to securely access any app on any device 

VMware Cross-Cloud services enables leaders to embrace the power of “AND,” allowing them to conquer the complexity of a multi-cloud environment.   

Empower teams and enterprise decisions without compromising any of the integral pieces of a secure, agile, and accessible IT infrastructure.  

VMware Cross-Cloud services can enable you to achieve all your business goals without compromise. Learn more about reducing complexity, streamlining development, and centralizing cloud management across your portfolio. Read our eBook, “Conquer Cloud Complexity and Drive Digital Business.” 

  1. FY22 H2 Benchmark, Digital Momentum, August 2021 


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