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Quick Look: VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

Looking for a way to tackle complexity in the cloud? Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations gives your engineers the tools to manage, monitor and secure containers in any Kubernetes cluster, in any cloud. Learn how quickly Tanzu can streamline your Kubernetes operations across multiple clouds, reducing complexity and increasing visibility and control through innovative tools.  

Benefits of VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations:

Create Kubernetes clusters across clouds From AWS to Azure, Tanzu removes barriers and complexity associated with multi-cloud architecture.

  • Define policies around access, security, image and quota

Manage all clusters from one interface, Tanzu Mission Control. You can group clusters to control access, security, and more.

  • Easily integrate and analyze

Tanzu Observability provides analysis and insights across clusters and clouds.

  • Scale, back up and restore clusters

Easily upgrade when patches are made available or restore clusters when needed.

Learn more about VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations, a service within the VMware Cross-Cloud services portfolio.


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