Multi-Cloud Services

Bridging the Virtual Gap in a Complex, Multi-Cloud World

Embracing multi-cloud architecture has enabled companies to react with speed and agility to unrelenting market pressures over the last few years. Unfortunately, flexible multi-cloud architecture doesn’t always mean a cohesive multi-cloud strategy. Companies are facing the challenge of balancing diverse priorities with the complexity of multiple cloud providers. Eliminating multi-cloud complexity is imperative to moving enterprise operations forward efficiently, and a consistent, secure approach to multi-cloud will be an industry differentiator in the years to come.  

“Most companies are already multi-cloud, but not always by design. A cross-cloud strategy ensures that your company can maintain control of its app and cloud infrastructure.”

– Vittorio Viareggio, VP of Cross-Cloud Solutions, VMware 

VMware’s Cross-Cloud™ services bridges the virtual gap by unifying IT operations across all cloud environments, “whether you’re migrating apps to the cloud, building cloud-native apps, monitoring costs and consumption across clouds, applying security policies across clouds, networking between clouds, or providing your distributed workforce with a secure way to access apps from any device.” 

Learn more about cross-cloud solutions in Tacking the Complexities of a Multi-Cloud World: How to Bridge the Virtual Gap.  


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