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VMware-Based Private Cloud Helps Apollo Education Group Accelerate Access to Online Learning

by Rich Bourdeau

With VMware’s help, Apollo Education Group now offers their multiple institutions of higher education a reliable, scalable private cloud environment to support the delivery of massively-scaled online learning.

Private Clouds and UniversitiesEducation

Earlier this month I shared with you the story of how the University of New Mexico used vRealize Automation to Fast-Track IT Service Delivery.  You might be surprised at the number of educational institutions deploying private cloud services.

Typically its larger companies with thousands or even tens of thousands of machines to manage that have been early adopters to deploy automated cloud services.  That is because deploying and managing the sheer numbers of desktop or server machines is virtually impossible without automation to help accelerate the process.

Although with some exceptions most universities do not have the same scale as these larger companies.  They may only have hundreds of machines vs thousands of machines, but they have another attribute (rate of change) that drives them to deploy private and public cloud services.

In addition to the applications that run the business part of education, each department within the university is constantly building and tearing down compute resources for labs, projects and other activities required by both students and professors.  The frequency of change and the need to get access to resources quickly has caused IT departments at universities to be on the leading edge of private cloud deployments.

Apollo Education Group Accelerates Access to New Online Learning ToolsApolloGroup

Apollo Education Group, Is the company behind Western International University, University of Phoenix and a number of other global educational institutions. They are another example of how automating the delivery of application and infrastructure services helped them deliver faster access to online learning services.

Powered by VMware’s vCloud Suite Apollo Education Group has provided self-service access to a catalog of IT services for developers and test engineers.   Automation speed up service delivery; thereby, improving engineering productivity.  Policy based governance enforces organizational best practices without manual approvals which slow down the process.  Visibility into capacity, systems health and performance help assure systems operate at peak efficiency and minimize downtime.

Regardless of the size of your IT infrastructure, if your company has a high rate of change , with constant adds, changes and deletions, let VMware  help accelerate delivery of your IT Services.

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  1. Commonly its bigger organizations with thousands or even a huge number of machines to deal with that have been early adopters to send robotized cloud administrations. That is on account of conveying and dealing with the sheer quantities of desktop or server machines is essentially inconceivable without computerization to help quicken the methodology.
    In spite of the fact that with a few special cases most colleges don’t have the same scale as these bigger organizations. They might just have many machines versus a huge number of machines, however they have an alternate property (rate of progress) that drives them to send private and open cloud administrations.

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