by Rich Bourdeau

choice_hotels_logoI came across this video:  Choice Hotels Slashes IT Provisioning Times and Improves Performance with vRealize Suite.  I’ve summarized their story below, but if you have 3 minutes I highly recommend you watch the video  to learn first-hand about how VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform improved IT service delivery times and application performance making IT a business enabler.

Choice Hotels recently migrated its corporate datacenter to a VMware software-defined datacenter architecture. That facility is now about 80 percent virtualized with approximately 1,600 virtual machines supporting the organization’s production and development environments.

The Challenges:
IT had issues meeting the needs of 200 plus developers who write applications used by customers, employees and franchisees due to:

  • Long fulfillment cycles (4-6 weeks) for application infrastructure needed by development teams
  • Difficulty troubleshooting performance issues across compute, storage, and network infrastructure

The Solution:

Choice Hotels central IT group leveraged the VMware vRealize Suite automation and operations capabilities to automate infrastructure provisioning developers can self service on demand via service portal, slash delivery times for new business applications, and improve performance troubleshooting.

The Benefits – Automation:

  • Slashed application infrastructure provisioning from 4 to 6 weeks to 30 minutes
  • Accelerated the delivery of new management applications to business users

“Now developers can stand up an application middleware stack in less than 30 minutes. That takes the infrastructure team out of the loop, so the development teams no longer see us as a roadblock.”

— Ross Davis, Senior Virtualization Engineer, Choice Hotels

The Benefits – Operations:

  • Achieved superior performance with accelerated root cause analysis and guided remediation
  • Reclaimed more than a hundred over-provisioned virtual machines in the first few weeks

“We’re now able to get to root cause far more quickly than we have with other monitoring tools. We were never able to correlate statistics from one group to another,”

—     Joey Coco,  Senior Virtualization Engineer, Choice Hotels

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