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Native NSX Load Balancing is Going Away – Time to Migrate to Avi Load Balancing

This is a great time for you to migrate from VMware NSX native load balancing to NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi). VMware has announced that the current native load balancers within the NSX solution will be end-of-life in the future, with equivalent or more advanced functionality provided by the Avi load balancing solution.

There are many benefits to starting the migration today. The Avi solution provides advanced features and benefits designed for today’s multi-cloud environment.  Enhanced automation and analytics offer a robust platform to centrally manage the nuances of disparate infrastructures that make up today’s multi-cloud. Advanced application delivery controller (ADC) features such as Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Kubernetes ingress through the Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO) enhance the availability, scalability, and security of the application infrastructure.

NSX Avi Load Balancing and Beyond

Customers use VMware NSX to have an automated and flexible framework to deploy and manage applications. Load balancing is a key technology to enable those functions. As part of VMware, the Avi solution integrates into the VMware portfolio of solutions while being agnostic to support other platforms including public and private cloud architectures.

In today’s multi-cloud world, a solution needs to support multiple platforms with a single management console. The configuration, management, and analytics of the load balancing solution should not be dependent on the nuances of the different clouds, public and private. It should not matter if the environment is NSX, AWS, Azure, GCP, bare metal, container environment, or other architecture.

VMware Load Balancing Migration Process

To assist with the migration process, Avi is providing a tool to automate the transfer of the existing NSX-T native load balancing configuration to Avi. It is recommended that customers take advantage of this free tool to assist with the migration process.

To help with the process, Avi is delivering a webinar to discuss the advantages and walk you through the migration process. You can sign up for and listen to the webinar at the following link.


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