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Get Your Avi Badge by Taking the Avi Certification Exam

The Next First: Avi Certification

There have been many important “firsts” for Avi. The first packet to be successfully load balanced. The first customer evaluation. The first production workloads. And now we are excited to be unleashing another first – The NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) Badge for Operators.

Over the last two years as a VMware-owned product, Avi, also known as the NSX Advanced Load Balancer, has welcomed more than 10,000 engineers to free technical training. The level of interest from customers and prospects has been incredible. And along with that, we now have 10,000 engineers asking where the certification is to validate their efforts, bolster their resumes, and further their careers.

Available immediately, we are pleased to announce the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Operator badge. A standalone test validates the technical knowledge of administrators in the operations of the Avi load balancer. The test is available online via Pearson VUE, similar to other VMware badges and certifications.

This test is no walk in the park. It requires hands-on experience using Avi in real-world scenarios and knowledge gained from available Avi training and classes. At a minimum, candidates should have at least 3 months of hands-on experience with Avi. We also recommend having experience using similar products. Ideal candidates have a cursory understanding of the diverse types of clouds. And we find that successful candidates likely hold additional industry-recognized IT certifications or accreditations. In addition, candidates should be knowledgeable in the topics listed below.

  • Architecture and Technologies
  • VMware Products and Solutions
  • Planning and Designing
  • Installing, Configuring, and Setup
  • Performance-tuning, Optimization, Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing
  • Administrative and Operational Tasks

Learn more about the topics covered and sign up for the test at VMware’s certification page.

Connect with the VMware Community

Don’t forget to take advantage of our community. Reach out to discuss topics related to certification, learn more using VMware Customer Connect Learning to find courses that fit your learning path, find official VMware books for additional knowledge, or purchase the official VMware training material.

Provide Employers with Easy, Valid Verification of your VMware Credentials

Once you’ve earned a VMware badge, you will receive an email notification alerting you to claim your badge. When you accept your badge, you’ll be brought immediately into a sharing workflow that allows you to share it to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, embed it in a personal website or share over email.

Be Among Our Firsts

Ready to start your journey? Visit the certification page.  Ready to schedule the exam? Register here

Our goal and intent are to incorporate additional levels of testing soon, covering other areas of expertise such as security, automation, and architecture. As a result, we are looking forward to many more “firsts.” Join us.


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