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Don’t take our word for it – VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer(Avi) Customer Success Stories

I know that reading all the shiny marketing materials makes you believe our load balancer is the best thing since sliced bread. I also know you take that information with a grain of salt – I know because I do. I would like to offer some confirmation by inviting you to our customer success sessions during VMworld 2021 from Oct 5 – 7.

Small and large companies in telecommunications, financial services, research, and data services alike have deployed NSX Advanced Load Balancer. Hear how these customers use our advanced load balancing to speed up their app delivery, to scale elastically to meet changing mission-critical business demand, to bring remote workforce onboard in record time, and much more. Register today to learn more on how these customers achieved their success. Our customers have deployed us in use cases including VMware Horizon for virtual desktops, VMware Cloud on AWS for hybrid cloud, and VMware NSX for data center modernization.

1774 – Integrating Your Application Delivery Capabilities with Your DevOps and CI/CD Processes

2695 – Case Study VMware IT energizes app delivery, secures infrastructure, and improves performance

2147 – Customer Success Story: National Payments Corp. – delivering critical financial applications with Avi

1795 – IHS Markit – So you are going to the cloud with VMC on AWS. What about load balancing?

2697 – Danske Bank – Network Operations: Intelligence and Automation from Day 0 to Day 2

2694 – LogMeIn – Bring Public Cloud Agility to Load Balancing in Any Environment

1787 – Floww.io – Delivering scalable web application security with software-defined WAF

1774 – Integrating Your Application Delivery Capabilities with Your DevOps and CI/CD processes

The desire to automate the delivery of applications and integrate load balancing into the DevOps tool chain has not been addressed by traditional application delivery controller (ADC) solutions. Enterprises have unsuccessfully attempted to use APIs with legacy, hardware-based ADCs or spent countless do-it-yourself hours automating open-source load balancers. The promise of infrastructure as code hasn’t truly reached L4-L7 application services. In this session, learn how Proximus, the largest telco in Belgium, was able to automate and deliver self-service for load balancing with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. Learn the best practices of integrating load balancing into the CI/CD pipeline, including blue-green and canary deployments, and of supporting modern application delivery practices.

Ashish Shah, Sr. Director, Product Management, VMware

2695 – How VMware IT Secures Users and Apps, Improves Performance and Productivity

VMware IT connects and protects hundreds of applications and tens of thousands of users in a heterogenous infrastructure environment with a highly distributed workforce. Join this session to learn how a small team rolled out key capabilities to employees globally: • Rapidly delivering applications to users without setting foot in the data center: 3,000 users in three weeks • Reducing 88 percent of network performance issues remote workers experienced during the pandemic, removing one business day per month worth of lost productivity • Better securing applications running in public and private clouds. Swapnil Hendre and Pam Cocca will share what worked and what didn’t, success factors, best practices, performance results, business outcomes, and what’s next for VMware IT. Don’t miss this session.

Swapnil Hendre, Director, Solutions Engineering and Design, VMware

Preethy Gopalakrishnan, Associate Manager, VMware

2147 – NPCI Delivers Critical Financial Applications with VMware

As the world moves toward a digital economy, the requirements on networking infrastructure and application delivery have become exceedingly critical. Enterprises are now expected to scale to hundreds of millions of users and hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute. In this session, hear from National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) about their shift to a high-performance, software-defined strategy for load balancing, and how they use VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer to serve mission-critical services.

Surya Singh, Dy. Chief Technology Infrastructure, National Payments Corporation of India

Abhinav Modi, Group Product Line Manager, VMware

1795 – So you are going to the cloud with VMC on AWS. What about load balancing?

With VMware Cloud on AWS, enterprises are able to rapidly migrate, protect and extend their VMware environment to the AWS cloud. However, the application delivery options, such as using traditional, virtual appliance-based load balancers or the native cloud load balancers, present trade-offs between cloud native automation or features and capabilities. Hear about load balancing considerations for VMware Cloud on AWS from VMware customer Oisin Murphy of IHS Markit. See how to deploy robust, hybrid cloud load balancing for VMware Cloud on AWS, and automate deployment, scale elastically, and troubleshoot application issues with ease.

Oisin Murphy, Principal Production Engineer (Networks), IHS Markit

Matthew Karnowski, Product Line Manager, VMware

Nicolas Bayle, Technical Evangelist, VMware

2697 – Network Operations: Intelligence and Automation from Day 0 to Day 2

The pressure on IT is mounting: Applications must be rolled out across multiple clouds, users expect immediate results, and customers do not tolerate less than perfect performance. Everyone agrees that bringing intelligence and automation to operations, networking, and security stacks, and providing visibility are must-haves. But there is a gap between understanding the need and addressing it holistically. Learn how to close this gap with a practical assessment of needs and best practices and hear from VMware customer Danske Bank. • Day 0 – Start with automated deployment and consistent policies across the network and its stakeholders. • Day 1 – Enable self-provisioning, and intelligence-based autoscaling. • Day 2 – Enable sustainable service delivery, monitoring, and self-healing.

Michael W. Jensen, Network Architect, Danske Bank A/S

Ranga Rajagopalan, VP, Chief Architect, VMware

2694 – Bring Public Cloud Agility to Load Balancing in Any Environment

Applications are the currency of digital business, and enterprises are committed to speeding up their ability to roll out new apps and updates. As IT modernizes to deploy applications rapidly in the data center, to migrate to clouds, and to deliver self-service to app teams, the gaps in application delivery capabilities have come into sharp focus. In this session, learn about the requirements that modern load balancers must satisfy, including cloud native architectural principles, central orchestration, visibility, security and automation. Learn how customers are choosing to migrate their hardware or virtual ADCs to VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer to get the agility of the public cloud with as-a-service simplicity and enterprise-grade features.

Chandra Sekar, Senior Director Product Marketing, VMware

William Kao, Sr. Director Global Infrastructure Services, LogMeIn

Palak Desai, Director, Product Management, VMware

1787 – Delivering scalable web application security with software-defined WAF

Security solutions, such as appliance-based web application firewalls (WAFs), are too complex to manage and scale, and lack application security insights. In this session, learn how to deploy elastic application security in any data center or cloud to protect against common attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and remote code execution. See how to combine application security visibility with a positive security model, learning mode, IP reputation, and threat feeds to more secure web applications easily. VMware customer Floww.io will describe their use of load balancing, WAF, and antivirus/malware scanning capabilities in their cloud applications.

Christian Treutler, Product Owner Security, VMware

James Talbot, Head of Networks and Security, Floww


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