VCDX Mentoring Resources: The Support You Need on Your VCDX Journey

At VMware, we take your learning seriously. Your VMware certifications document your expertise in your field. With today’s technologies evolving at a rapid pace, the need to stand out is even more apparent. A VMware Certified Design Expert or VCDX certification requires candidates to demonstrate proven expertise in managing, building and designing VMware solutions and systems. VMware offers VCDX certification in four areas: Data Center Virtualization, Cloud Management and Automation, Desktop and Mobility, and Network Virtualization. Becoming a member of this elite group is not only a badge of honor, but a career booster.

Exploring the exam process

To join this group of less than 300 people, you must pass the two-part VCDX exam. Each part of this exam challenges the candidate in different ways. The submission portion requires rigorous preparation to pass. The candidates must create a conceptual, logical and physical design. The defense portion of the exam involves a 45-minute presentation where the candidate must clarify their design and demonstrate the ability to problem-solve questions in front of a panel of judges. Many of our VCDXs encourage candidates moving to the defense portion to practice before the presentation.

Our VCDX mentoring webinars help you reach your goals

The tasks may seem daunting, but the best part of your journey to becoming a VCDX is that you are not in it alone. VMware has joined forces with current VCDX certification holders to create an entire community to help you achieve your goals. One part of that community is the VCDX mentoring series of bi-weekly webinars. These webinars cover every aspect of the journey to achieving VMware’s highest level of certification: the coveted VCDX. The panels will offer deep insight into each step of the VCDX process, focusing on transitioning from the advanced professional to the expert track and beyond. Throughout this series, you’ll hear from more than 20 current VCDXs, sharing their stories, the approaches they took and most importantly, how the certification has helped them, their company and their customers.

The mentoring series is all recorded, so if you miss one or want to rewatch one, they are all available on VMware Customer Connect Learning. The series goes over the whole journey to the VCDX from:

  • Preparing your design
  • What constitutes conceptual, logical and physical in a design
  • What documentation is required in a submission
  • Going solo or doing a joint submission
  • Risk management
  • VCDX mentors and what they do and don’t do
  • Transitioning from VCAP to VCDX
  • Mock defenses
  • Requirements gathering
  • Misconceptions about the VCDX
  • Motivation, commitment and payoff

Need additional mentoring? We’ve got you covered

The VCDX mentoring program office hours are a community-led, VMware-supported initiative that matches supportive VCDX mentors with VCDX candidates. The mentoring program is now running VCDX office hours, where candidates can join along with a small group of mentors to ask questions and receive guidance. This is in addition to the regularly run VCDX workshops and the VCDX mentoring series mentioned above. You can find the dates for the office hours and the VCDX workshops on the VCDX calendar.

Check out the Official VCDX Directory to learn more about earning your VCDX certification and the doors it can open. And listen, as expert Igor – VCDX #286 tells his VCDX story.


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