See our VMware Certified Instructor Award Winners of 2022!

When trying to learn a new skill, what is one of the most important things about a training course? The Instructor! Instructors are the backbone of any training course and can make or break that class with their skills and expertise. As a result, a good instructor helps build practical knowledge, coupled with inspiring you along the way, as well as empowering you to make great contributions on complicated IT initiatives upon successful completion of the course.

VMware Learning has some of the best Technical Instructors who do exactly that. Above being leaders in their fields, our instructors possess the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm needed to teach complex IT topics. Their goal is to make it easy to understand and digest. In building the bridge between theory to practice, our students gain the skills and knowledge to tackle difficult projects and directly use what they learned from the classroom back to their respective datacenters.

What sets our instructors apart in the industry is their passion and commitment to the success of our students. This is the heart of our approach to learning. We are pleased to announce during our regional VMware Certified Instructor Forums this year, we highlighted the best of the best! See how some of our top-performing Instructors demonstrated these values in 2022, earning each of them a coveted VMware Certified Instructor Award.

VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) of the Year:

The VCI of the Year Award is granted to a single individual from each global region. Throughout 2022, this individual demonstrated exceptional levels of expertise in their delivery by maintaining the highest Effective Effort score of all the VCIs. This score is comprised of three key factors: course difficulty level, number of teaching days, and student evaluation score.

Francois BechardEdward FilistovicV Girish
Wai Kean WongTrevor DysonGang Li

Top 10 Certified Instructors:
VMware’s Top 10 Certified Instructors Award is granted to ten individuals from each global region. With this award, each individual maintained one of the top ten highest Effective Effort scores throughout the year. This score is comprised of three key factors: course difficulty level, number of teaching days, and student evaluation score.

Francois BechardEdward FilistovicHimanshu Kakkar
Steve BacaBilal KalemRaghav Khanna
Brad ReynoldsDan CremarSho Hirabayashi
Marc AlumbaughAdrian VizosoXuexu Kou
James AsutakuEric SloofSrikanth Yoganand
Jon LouxPawel PiotrowskiNeeraj Sharma
Jerry DavisRedouane BaliSatoko Mikoshiba
Javier MenendezGareth BagleyRanjna Aggarwal
Isaac ValdezChris CulpinPrathab Kumar Srinivasan
Gerardo UreñaAkram LangarAdnan Hussain

VMware Instructor of Excellence
The VMware Instructor of Excellence Award is granted to a select group of instructors from each global region. In addition to teaching at least 100 days, these individuals retained above average student evaluation scores of 4.95 or higher throughout the year.

Nelson CarrilloPawel PiotrowskiJack Lin
Andre RusevAlper CanakLi Gang
Gregory TeagueAlexander MikhalchenkoEr Ke Zhu
Rene TaveraJiri ViktorinXuexu Kou
Gabriel J NunezImants SkerstensJun Shi
Vince RightleyFrancesco GrimaldiQihua Xiao
Joe CooperTibor GaalSho Hirabayashi
Marcelo SoaresDan StroescuYamato Sakai
Joseph NgRita ThakerPaing Phyo Tun
George Vish IIPhillip Badnell

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