Uplevel Your Career, and Become a VMware Certified Professional

Did you know that the VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV)certification ranks among the top 10 highest-paying IT Certifications for 2022? As many recruiters from leading organizations are struggling with finding the right talent in highly skilled, specialized roles such as Data Center Virtualization, certification remains crucial given the current IT skills gap landscape. Achieving the VMware Certified Professional (VCP), is a great way to remain highly competitive in the market. In addition to helping you boost earnings, getting certified can also create additional benefits such as personal and professional development.

Certification leads to more career opportunities

Whether you are an engineer, operator or administrator, who can install, configure, manage and optimize VMware solutions, becoming a VMware Certified Professional will validate your skills and allow you to leverage all the opportunities made possible by this achievement. It solidifies your competencies to recruiters and employers alike. In addition, you will possess job-ready practical skills to get up and running quickly in your role. Moreover, once you have achieved this certification, you break the doors for more employment opportunities. By adding it on your LinkedIn profile or resume, you stand out to recruiters against those who are not certified professionals.

Once you choose to become certified, you can also choose an area specialization from the following tracks. Remember, you can be certified in more than one track, so this would be a great opportunity for you to explore your interests and expand on your skillset. We also have a guide to help you learn more about VMware certifications.

  1. Data Center Virtualization
  2. Network Virtualization
  3. Cloud Management and Automation
  4. End-User Computing
  5. Security
  6. Application Modernization

While there are six different tracks, you might want to consider cross-training opportunities. Cross-training will give you the skillsets from other functional areas, so you are more prepared to step up for support in a major task or project. In addition, in the constant changing tech space, equipping yourself with more knowledge makes you a more competitive IT professional in a long term. For example, more and more organizations are transforming digitally toward modernized applications. Consider getting certified in VCP-AM to boost your skill confidence level.

Think creatively

Perhaps you want to start on VCP journey but may not be in your budget. Your manager might be able to cover your cost! In fact, more and more employers invest heavily in employees’ trainings as part of their retention strategy. Organizations realize retaining employees who understand their native IT infrastructure is far more effective than hiring externally. Don’t know where to start? Have an honest conversation with your manager to show how additional training opportunities can help create better business outcomes. Be confident on how gaining a VCP certification will help your and the organizations’ growth. To learn more, you can also check out 3 Tips to Persuade Your Manager to Pay for Your Trainings.

Certifications for every career path

Whether you are just starting out or are looking forward to expanding your area of expertise, training gives you the competitive advantage to thrive in a Multi-Cloud universe. Our VMware Learning Paths and certification website can give you guidance top certifications you need to excel in your career. Get started today.


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