An Overview of the New VMware Cloud Management Exam for Cloud Operations Teams

Cloud Operation skills are in demand! Ready to demonstrate your skills in managing and operating a multi-cloud infrastructure using the components of the vRealize Suite? Welcome to the new VMware Cloud Operations 8.x Professional exam. Please note: We are excited about Aria, but as of now, VMware Learning will continue to use vRealize in its training materials, exams.

Companies are finding it ever more complex to have trained staff that can build and respond quickly to changing business requirements as well as support faster release of brand-new features that deliver digital business value. Whether you desire to collect data about your entire environment in order to manage your multi-cloud infrastructure or need trained expertise in supporting growing complexity of both existing and new application architectures, our brand-new VMware Cloud Operations 8.x Professional exam is perfect for you! 

Why did we introduce this exam? 

With the evolution of the VMware Cloud Management strategy and the introduction of VMware’s Cloud Operating Model, we understand the increasing importance of Cloud Operations as a skillset that is in high demand within our customer base. Customers often operate and maintain business critical applications across multiple cloud platforms and multiple locations. Cloud Operations helps manage and deliver cloud services to meet the performanceand scalability needs of the business. As their infrastructure grows in terms of complexity and footprint, customers’ operational processes and requirements must keep pace. 

The VMware Cloud Operations 8.x Professional exam enables candidates to demonstrate the following capabilities: 

  • Install, configure, administer, and operate a multi-cloud management solution using vRealizeOperations, vRealize Log Insight, and vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.   
  • Optimize and troubleshoot your data center, workloads, and cloud infrastructure whilst providing operational visibility and transparency. 

What is the difference between this exam and VCP-CMA exam? 

The VCP-CO exam focuses on installing, configuring, administrating, and operating vRealizeOperations and vRealize Log Insight, whilst the VCP-CMA focuses on workload automation and management of workload provisioning using vRealize Automation. 

vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight provide management and oversight capabilities, while vRealize Automation provides the capability to automate infrastructure within your environment.  

How to prepare for the exams?

  • Hands-on experience is essential  
  • Product versions: VMware vRealize Operations v8.6; VMware vRealize Log Insight v8.8; VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager v8.8
  • Exam blueprint
  • Available courses: 
    • VMware vRealize Operations: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.6] – On Demand 
    • VMware vRealize Log Insight: Deploy and Manage [V8.4] 
    • VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.0]

What is on the exam?

The exam is broken down into seven sections, designed to challenge you and prove your overall expertise. The sections are: 

Section NumberSection Title
1Architecture and Technologies
2Products and Solutions
3Planning and Designing Section
4Installing, Configuring, and Setup Section
5Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades
6Troubleshooting and Repairing
7Administrative and Operational Task

What certification can do for you? 

Certifications allow candidates to demonstrate their expertise. VMware’s certifications are known industry-wide and allow certificate holders to earn better career opportunities. Earning certification requires hands-on experience, hours of studying the skills and tools in question and a passing grade on an exam. Upon earning a certification, you will earn a digital badge to display on your LinkedIn profiles or email signatures.  Find out more about the VMware Cloud Operations 8.x Professional Exam and how to become a VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Operations 2022 today!


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