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Exactly How Wide is the Cloud Native IT Skills Gap? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you hoping to sharpen your team’s expertise in modern applications? Luckily, there are two new learning offerings focused on advancing the specific skills  your DevOps team needs: Developer Learning Subscription for Spring and Tanzu and Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu.

These subscriptions enable your IT teams to build the crucial cloud native skills to stay current with Spring and to build applications on and improve the management of Kubernetes. Investing in  developing these skills could boost productivity, growth and innovation within your organization. 

The importance of modern applications

Throughout the course of the pandemic, businesses adapted to become more agile. In their pursuit of digital transformation, refreshing outdated software portfolios to include applications that offered flexibility took center stage. Enter the adoption of application modernization.

Application modernization provides secure, scalable and flexible IT solutions to organizations. According to a 2021 VMware Market Insights Report, more than 50% of all apps are expected to be modern by 2024. In the survey, 91% of executives intend to migrate and modernize their legacy apps. In addition, modern applications are expected to grow 20% on average across cloud and data centers, compared to traditional apps.

Cloud native technologies demand new roles and skill sets

An opportunity exists for companies to readjust the way they approach training to upskill staff members. Ensuring said training validates their skills for today’s economy, equipping managers with capable teams that can execute long-term vision while continuously delivering business value to customers.

Incorporate learning into your strategic process

Modern applications and the move to the cloud work best when strategic initiatives align with training initiatives. Targeted learning helps your team build valuable skills and technical proficiency and use them to achieve better business outcomes. A solid knowledge base will propel the business forward and accelerate the movement of key strategic initiatives. It involves evangelizing line of business (LOB) decision-makers and IT managers to enable them to prioritize training and create a culture of learning and innovation. This will not only move the needle but also create loyal employees as they will feel a part of something larger.

Bridge this IT skill gap with this solution

Learning paths can be different within your IT teams, which is why we offer two subscription plans to provide your developers and operators with the training they need. The Developer Learning Subscription for Spring and VMware Tanzu provides customers access to a full catalog of on-demand training to help their developers learn and stay current with Spring and the Tanzu family of products.

The Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu prepares your operations teams with comprehensive training about creating well-structured Kubernetes clusters and containerized applications, ensuring maximum performance in deploying and managing modern applications

Take the next step

Are you ready to close the IT skill gaps and accelerate the pace of change for your organizations? With our VMware Tanzu and Spring Learning subscriptions, you can surely fuel business growth and drive real return on your cloud investment. With our new On Demand subscriptions, Developer Learning Subscription for Spring and VMware Tanzu and Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu enjoy immediate access to improve skills and get certified today!


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