VMware Brings Your Performance-Based Testing Home!

VMware certification exams for VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA) and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) have been available for remote proctoring since early 2020. Since then, multiple teams have been hard at work to bring to you the next game changer: remote proctoring for VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) Deploy lab exams.

Lab exams (also known as performance-based exams) allow students to apply knowledge to solve a problem or demonstrate a skill. Especially for VMware exams, they provide candidates with the opportunity to prove that they can perform a specific job and complete tasks that are required for day-to-day business success. Performance-based exams test your true abilities through hands-on performance, rather than through written forms.

Lab exams also demonstrate, at a high level, that the candidate has the skills knowledge to troubleshoot and implement higher-level and complex tasks. It requires the candidate to perform in a real environment. This limits the use of cheat sites and brain dumps, which are prohibited and do not allow the candidate to prove their own skills.

Providing options for remote proctoring also supports increased availability to remote communities that do not have access to brick-and-mortar testing centers and it demonstrates VMware’s continued commitment to accessibility and care for those who are at risk of communicable illnesses and need more personal protections.

We are excited to announce that every VCAP Deploy exam is available for remote proctoring. This includes Data Center Virtualization (DCV), Network Virtualization (NV), Cloud Management and Automation (CMA) and Desktop Management (DTM). All of these are available to all candidates to take from the comfort of their home or other preferred location.

Prepping for your remote exam

It is important to us that you have the best experience possible when taking your exam remotely. Pearson VUE, the company that administers the remote proctored exams, shared a few tips that can help you prepare and have a seamless online exam experience.

Before you sign up to take the exam, there are three key steps that you will want to consider.

Step #1 – Do some prep work

  • Run a system test on the computer and internet connection you plan to use for your exam
  • Confirm you have the proper equipment and the best internet connection possible
  • Choose and clear the space where you will take your exam
  • Make sure you have acceptable ID

Step #2 – Understand the online testing requirements

  • Familiarize yourself with behavioral do’s and don’ts
  • Know what you can and cannot wear
  • Understand the rules regarding breaks, eating, drinking and smoking

Step #3 – Time to schedule your exam

  • From VMware’s online testing page, sign into your account, select the exam you want to take, then choose the “online at my home or office” option
  • Follow the remaining prompts to complete the scheduling process
  • Once you have scheduled your exam, you will receive a confirmation email with appointment details and other important exam-day information

Now it’s test day. How do you feel? We don’t want you to be nervous! These certification exams are here to validate the skills and knowledge that you already have. Take a deep breath and follow these pointers.

  • Check in: Sign in, take the required check-in photos, agree to the terms and conditions, and verify the exam is the one you registered for. This includes consent to monitoring throughout your test via webcam and microphone. 
  • Start your exam: Focus on the questions, do not get distracted and observe the environmental and behavioral rules.
  • How to get help: For questions or concerns during your exam, just click the chat icon and someone will assist you.
  • After the exam: Be sure to exit the OnVUE application properly before walking away.

Ready to do it?

You are not alone in this endeavor. VMware Learning has created exam prep guides to help you prepare for your certification exam. Ready to take that next step in your certification journey? Sign up here to schedule your exam!


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