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Secure Your Skills With the New Endpoint and Workload Security VCP Certification

A new VMware certification just dropped! With the new VCP Certification for Endpoint and Workload Security, VMware learners can show they know the ins and outs of endpoint security and are well versed in VMware Carbon Black Cloud solutions.

That means IT professionals have another great opportunity to keep pace with the latest trends, grow their skill sets and even earn a well-deserved salary bump. If you have some security chops and want to really dive into securing endpoints and workloads for today’s hybrid workforce, this certification is for you!

Why are endpoint security skills important?

Hybrid workforces enable freedom and flexibility; however, they also introduce new security threats. Every remote workstation, data center, branch office, smartphone, laptop and connected device is a network endpoint. Because not everyone is diligent about their login credentials and wireless network sign-on behavior, each endpoint is a prime target for cybercriminals.

To secure their hybrid workforces, more companies are adopting Zero Trust approaches to cybersecurity. These organizations are now turning to experts to implement and manage Zero Trust protocols and tools to guide proactive security measures.

VCP Endpoint and Workload Security Certification helps you stop attacks before they start

Those who earn the VCP Certification for Endpoint and Workload Security are the first line of defense against would-be cybercriminals. Armed with the certification, holders demonstrate that they are experts in Carbon Black Cloud and all things endpoint and workload protection. VCPs with the Endpoint and Workload Security certification are ideal security field marshals for companies leaning into a hybrid workforce.

Why is Carbon Black knowledge a prerequisite for this certification? VMware Carbon Black Cloud taps into behavioral data to thwart cyberattacks. It analyzes mountains of security events daily as it searches for attackers’ behavior patterns and destroys emerging threats. It’s exactly the kind of tool that experts like VCPs can use to secure remote network connections.

What do certificate earners need to get started?

Certificate earners must pass the Professional VMware Carbon Black Cloud exam (2V0-91.22) to earn this new VCP. The exam evaluates candidates’ ability to manage and deploy VMware Carbon Black through these seven areas:

  • Architecture and technologies
  • Products and solutions
  • Planning and designing
  • Installing, configuring and setup
  • Performance-tuning, optimization and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and repairing
  • Administrative and operational tasks

Before starting the program, candidates should have six to 12 months of hands-on experience working with VMware Carbon Black Cloud solutions. With that experience, they should be able to:

  • Explain VMware Carbon Black Cloud solutions and related technologies and products
  • Understand VMware Carbon Black Cloud components, manage users and roles
  • Configure policies to support sensor deployment and management, including across endpoints and workloads  

Candidates should also consider prerequisite courses to earn badges and certifications before earning this new badge. Recommended courses, badges and certifications include:

Interested in showing off your security expertise? Want to brush up on your knowledge of endpoint and workload hardening? Care to carry the hybrid workforce into the future? Learn more today about VMware’s new Endpoint and Workload Security certification.

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