Why Choose VMware for an Endpoint Security Certification?

When most of us think about getting a technical certification, one of the first questions we have is what area of technology we want to be certified in. But a quick follow-up question will likely be where to get the certification. For a virtualization certification, VMware is an excellent bet. But why choose VMware for certification in something like an endpoint security certification? In this article, we’ll see exactly why VMware is a great choice and then look at what goes into achieving a VMware endpoint security certification.

Let’s start at the endpoint

Let’s look at cybersecurity through a lens we’re all familiar with. Any time we reach into the digital world — chat on WhatsApp, watch a TikTok, send a tweet — we do it through an endpoint. “Endpoint” sounds vague, and that’s because the term covers a lot of ground. But endpoints are just devices that connect to a network, or more broadly, to the Internet. And endpoints include a set of devices that we care about deeply, such as our smartphones and wearable devices.

Like everything digital, we need to protect smartphones with the right kinds of cybersecurity. Specifically, we need endpoint security to defend our smartphones from bad actors. This is where VMware shines. Because VMware Carbon Black is all about endpoint security.

VMware Carbon Black protects endpoint devices with the kinds of technology you are probably already familiar with, like antivirus. But it also protects endpoints with solutions like behavioral EDR, threat hunting and incident response. If you don’t know what some of that means, don’t worry. The point of this blog is that anyone can soon become perfectly comfortable with endpoint security solutions.

But first, we need to talk about the cloud, because that’s where your smartphone connects to the digital world countless times a day.

How the cloud fits in the equation

VMware is already well-established in the multi-cloud infrastructure world. If you use your smartphone frequently throughout the day, it’s a safe bet you are interacting with a VMware-enabled cloud at some point. As a result, VMware is uniquely positioned to understand and resolve cloud-related and virtualized environment issues. That perspective is part of the reason why VMware leads multi-cloud security. VMware is at the forefront of cloud and virtualization solutions, a position that requires VMware to keep security top of mind. And for smartphones and similar endpoints that connect to the cloud frequently, that security is vital.

How VMware IT Academy prepares learners for an entry-level endpoint security role

By now, we can see exactly why it makes sense to look to VMware for endpoint security certification. A great way to achieve that certification is with the VMware Endpoint Security: Core Technical Skills course. There are two huge benefits of taking this course. First, the course is an excellent way to prepare to get the related certification. Second, the course provides the skills and hands-on experience needed to step immediately into an entry-level position in endpoint security, a field where qualified professionals are in demand.

The IT Academy course teaches learners the four core pillars of endpoint security: attacks, threats, vulnerabilities and risks. At the same time, the course prepares the learner with in-depth insights into Zero Trust environments and defense, two security approaches in which endpoint security plays a fundamental role. And to familiarize the learner in a practical way with endpoint security strategies, the course provides real-world experience using VMware Carbon Black solutions.

Even if someone takes the VCTA course and chooses not to get certified, they will gain a deeper understanding and working knowledge of IT endpoint security concepts and tools. That means they will be better able to make decisions that improve their personal cybersecurity stance.

IT Academy is committed

VMware IT Academy created the course in endpoint security because our commitment is to go beyond educating. Our aim is to actually prepare learners for their dream IT job. We want to provide learners with the skills that employers need. That has the added benefit of helping businesses gain qualified new hires. By creating a pipeline of talent in areas of technology where demand is high, we can help learners build brighter futures in a way that benefits the industry overall. We invite you to be a part of it.

About VMware IT Academy

VMware IT Academy partners with educational institutions across the globe to offer tailored courses in selected IT fields that create a pipeline of much-needed talent in the IT industry. With the support of an inclusive community, learners who take our courses gain in-demand skills for today and for the future that position them to lead positive change as they accelerate their careers.

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  1. Having VMware certifications and being certified for more than 10 years opened a lot of career opportunities for me. In my profession it gave me more confidence in performing my day to day job. Having a VMware certification in your resume is good enough to be called for an interview, and if you have the technical knowledge and experience to back that up, definitely you gonna be landed a job. Great article Mr. Vincent!

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