‘Tis the Season to Sign Up for a VMware Certification Exam

It’s that time of year – commercials everywhere. Advertisers are at their best, convincing you of all the things you need to buy or the holiday experiences you must do.

As I was watching all the holiday commercials and making my to-do lists, one stuck out to me. At the end of the segment, I was told to “just do it.” Just do it? When I’m told to do something, my immediate reaction is to question it. What should I do, why and, most importantly, when should I do it?

Why get VMware certified?

It’s easy to be skeptical about certification. Why should you get VMware certified? The results speak for themselves. A Pearson VUE study shows 77% of professionals who become VMware certified earned an increase in salary within six months following their certification.    

But then we come up against the even more pressing when.There are tons of demands on everyone’s time, especially this time of the year. It can be easy to delay becoming a VMware Certified Professional and label it as a maybe-next-year event. However, for me, when I push something off until later, it probably will never get done.

One of our VMware Certified Advanced Professionals, Kev Johnson, shared that he had a similar struggle when working toward his certification. As we talked, he shared some great advice to combat the when dilemma.

Becoming a VMware Certified Professional is a badge of honor worn by thousands of people around the world. Yes, it is challenging, but very few things in life that are worth it are simple. As you’re making your to-do list for the next month or so, I challenge you to add one more item to your list. Isn’t it time for you to just do it?

Learn more about how to become a VMWare Certified Professional and book your exam today.


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