Congratulations to Our New 2021 VCDXs

The VCDX certification is a highly regarded advanced IT certification and adds great value to any IT professional’s resume. With its rigorous requirements, it really sets apart those with enterprise-class skills in VMware solution design and implementation. Congratulations to those who rose to the challenge to earn or renew their VCDX certification in 2021!

New 2021 VCDX earners

  • Shady Ali El Malatawey, #249—VCDX-CMA 2021
  • Abdullah Abdullah, #270—VCDX-CMA 2021
  • Phoebe Kim, #288—VCDX-CMA 2021
  • Nikolay Nikolov, #293—VCDX-CMA 2021  
  • Szymon Ziólkowski, #294—VCDX-DCV 2021

Existing VCDX certified professionals who upgraded in 2021

  • Thomas Reichenberger, #28—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • Christian Strijbos, #64—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • Michael Brown, #71—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • René van den Bedem, #133—VCDX-CMA 2021, VCDX-DCV 2021, VCDX-NV 2021
  • Safouh Kharrat, #136—VCDX-DCV 2021, VCDX-NV 2021
  • Agustin Malanco, #141—VCDX-NV 2021
  • Jens Hennig, #196—VCDX-DTM 2021
  • David Pasek, #200—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • Marco van Baggum, #223—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • Kiran Reid, #225—VCDX-DCV 2021, VCDX-NV 2021
  • Paul McSharry, #234—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • Bilal Ahmed, #251—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • GMP Kusters, #252—VCDX-NV 2021
  • Dominik Zorgnotti, #272—VCDX-DCV 2021
  • Syed Adeel Qamar, #282—VCDX-NV 2021
  • Pawel Piotrowski, #291—VCDX-DCV 2021

Exploring the VCDX certification

A VCDX certification requires candidates to demonstrate their command of managing, building and designing VMware solutions and systems. VMware offers VCDX certification in four areas: Data Center Virtualization, Cloud Management & Automation, Desktop and Mobility, and Network Virtualization.

Becoming a VCDX is not easy. This top-tier certification exam is comprised of two parts: the submission and the defense. The submission portion of the exam requires a lot of studying. The following defense portion is a challenging 45-minute presentation where the candidate must clarify their conceptual, logical and physical design and problem solve questions in front of a panel of judges. Pawel shares some tips on how to prepare for your VCDX defense.

Why get VMware certified?

Earning a VMware certification can be a long journey sometimes studded with roadblocks, but one that’s well worth the hard work. A whitepaper by the IT Certification Council shows IT certificate holders often see higher salaries, increased self-confidence and career stability compared to their uncertified peers. Some VCDX holders have even be able to trade In their VCDX certification for college credit toward their IT degrees.

When you embark on the VCDX journey, VMware Learning and the VCDX community will be there to cheer you on!   

Check out Paul Cradduck’s story on how he became VCDX #244.


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