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Now Available—VMware Application Modernization: Core Technical Skills

Recently, we announced the availability of a new IT Academy course that will provide learners with core technical skills in application modernization. This course is designed to be useful to a wide variety of learners, from those just starting out to those with more experience. It will provide important skills to learners who are focused on IT operations, and it is for a general audience.  

There are no specific prerequisites. Because of the scope of the material it covers, this course is useful not only to those who are new to IT but also to those established IT practitioners who are interested in diversifying their skill set. Let’s take a look at the skills you will gain. 

The skills you will have after you take this course 

Modern apps are typically built using containers and microservices, so this course introduces you to both.  

  • You’ll learn the difference between containers and virtual machines and the benefits of using containers rather than virtual machines for running applications.  
  • The course describes the role of microservices in improving software development processes. 

As organizations begin developing modern apps using containerization, they find it useful to use Kubernetes to automate the deployment and management of those containers.  

  • You’ll gain hands-on experience using Kubernetes and understanding the basics of Kubernetes architecture.  
  • You’ll also learn how to use Kubernetes to orchestrate and scale the applications as needed. 

The topics you will learn about in this course 

To give you a snapshot of everything our new course covers, let’s look at the course modules.

The course is designed as a progression, introducing core concepts in app modernization first and moving in a logical way through the related technologies and skills that will enable you to support modern applications in the real world. 

Trust VMware IT Academy to accelerate your digital and technical skills 

Being early to the field can be a real advantage and acquiring skills in app modernization now can position you for success for years to come. As a technology leader, VMware has the expertise and the resources to create a course that gives you everything you need to be successful. We invite you to visit the IT Academy website and learn more, and this video provides an overview of the course that will get you started: Check out the video.


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