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Join the Wave of Application Modernization

It’s appropriate that a change in the way businesses develop applications would come in waves. The advent of cloud computing was a wave that initially affected businesses. The explosive growth in the availability and use of mobile devices such as smartphones fueled a wave of consumer enthusiasm and expectations. Under the combined force of those two great waves, businesses now face a change that they cannot resist or afford to delay: modernizing their applications.

One recent survey of CIOs and CTOs found that 60% of respondents have not begun their modernization journey, or are in the earliest stages. The clock is ticking and organizations around the world are lagging. For example, one analyst firm forecasts that, in Europe alone, more than half of GDP will come from businesses that modernize their apps by 2023. The upside of modernizing is matched only by the downside of lost opportunities from falling behind.

App modernization is a specialized skillset

The wrinkle is that creating the infrastructure needed to support modern apps—and creating the modern apps themselves—requires some fairly specialized skills. We know exactly what it takes to modernize legacy apps, build the infrastructure to support them and how to go about developing completely new, cloud-native applications. We don’t, however, have enough people with the right skills yet.

What we have are organizations that can enable educators to teach those skills and help learners acquire those skills. The VMware IT Academy has created a course that not only covers the precise technologies needed for app modernization—from virtualization and containerization to multicloud, microservices and Kubernetes—but also provides a grounding in the relevant components of the VMware Tanzu platform. Our goal is nothing less than helping create the next wave of app-modernization professionals.

Gain the skills required for app modernization

VMware IT Academy is uniquely positioned to provide practical, hands-on educational resources around app modernization. We have developed a course that begins with modules on fundamentals, such as “Understanding Modern Applications” and “Using a Microservices Architecture”. We follow that with modules designed to help with understanding containers and with working with containers and virtual machines. We then provide a series of modules on Kubernetes before turning to certain advanced features of modern applications.

As you might expect, we also introduce modules on the VMware Tanzu platform. The platform is well suited to helping IT organizations adopt a cloud-native operations model, and even automate security. We provide modules that give learners an understanding of the VMware Tanzu portfolio, its features and the relevant use cases.

Advance your career in app modernization

At VMware IT Academy, our focus is on helping IT professionals acquire the skills they need to succeed. Even as we focus on education relating to app modernization, we also continuously look ahead. Our mission has been, and continues to be, understanding how we can accelerate digital and technical skills around the world together.

If you are interested in joining the wave, we invite you to take a closer look at our available courses.


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