The VMware Certified Design Expert Journey

A VMware Customer Connect Mentoring Webinar Series

VMware creates disruptive technology that provides fantastic business value to the enterprise. The ability to remain flexible with multi- or hybrid cloud strategies helps with many business use cases. But how does an enterprise ensure it is doing so correctly, with a plan for the future and the correct operational processes to consume this technology successfully?

VMware Education provides certifications that give enterprises confidence that their technology professionals understand VMware products. The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of certification provided by VMware; fewer than 300 people have successfully achieved this credential.

How do candidates earn a VCDX certification?

The VCDX certification focuses on the deep validation of a lead architect role based upon a peer review of real-world architecture skills, including the operational processes for a mission-critical business problem-solving solution. Using a design methodology, a candidate must create customer-facing quality documentation showing how a business transitions between design phases, including technical artifacts for testing, validation approach and implementation guidance.

A candidate must then successfully defend their project submission of hundreds of pages before a panel of VCDX experts. The candidate’s presentation will justify their design decisions, explain the impact from a business and technological perspective, and offer potential alternatives. Additionally, a VCDX candidate must illustrate live design skills in a design whiteboard workshop scenario providing consultancy and advisory services to the panel acting as business stakeholders.

The journey to this certification can be a long one. For some, it is a validation of knowledge and skills they already possess. For others, it is a goal to achieve while studying to become an architect. 

What will the VCDX Mentoring Webinar series discuss?

As the VCDX certification aims to validate a real-life project, it is often daunting to a candidate who is learning along the way. A VCDX mentor is always recommended, but mentors can be in short supply. VCDX certified professionals are very busy, and while there are community-driven groups, there is no guarantee of a timely or custom response. Often simple questions from an experienced VCDX mentor can change a candidate’s way of thinking entirely and be extremely useful at the defense stage.

VMware Customer Connect has teamed up with the VCDX program to guide the next generation of VCDX holders in the form of weekly live mentoring webinars on how to navigate this journey successfully.

Each week, there will be a discussion about a specific aspect of the VCDX journey. Attendees will learn answers to essential questions, such as how to select a project, the certification costs, and what the defense process looks like. The value of this deeper series is within the individual stories from the 20+ VCDXs joining from the program community to discuss their own experiences, the resources they used and the approaches that worked for them. 

The VCDX Mentoring Webinar series dives deeper into the specifics of the VCDX journey than ever before, covering often misunderstood topics such as logical vs. physical design, disaster recovery approaches, and critical architect role soft skills, such as project requirement gathering techniques.

Although each webinar session in the series will be recorded and be available via VMware Customer Connect, this series provides a unique opportunity to ask questions directly to VCDX certified architects who have navigated this process successfully. Join to hear what worked for them and also what mistakes they made along the way. Understand the journey in more detail and pick up tips to add to your design method.

What is the value of a VCDX?

From a customer perspective, a project involving a VCDX holder ensures that the architect can navigate a business to a solution with a complete understanding of technology design impacts, risk identification, mitigation and justification. A VCDX has shown they have the skills to lead a business and technical team during digital transformation.

The value to the successful candidate can be immense. A peer-reviewed complete project documentation set is a valuable reference resource for daily design work post-certification and perfect for discussion during career progression opportunities.

With the ever-changing technologies an architect needs to navigate in the modern enterprise, another benefit to the successful VCDX candidate is within the design methodology and working practice skills developed to achieve the certification.

A successful VCDX-certified architect will have the skills to review and consume new technological information rapidly. The process and skills work regardless of the product.

Being able to translate the actual value of any technology to a business with the potential design impacts, a project transition approach, and risks identified is a distinct advantage in today’s technology market.

Are you interested in embarking upon this journey? Register for the VMware Customer Connect VCDX Mentoring Webinars today.


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