VMware Customer Connect Learning Communities

 VMware Customer Connect Learning Communities give you, our learners, the option to post in our “General” and “Exam Prep” forums to seek help from other users, promote exam preparation best practices or share your VMware training and certification knowledge. These online learning communities are open to all users.

If you’re new to VMware technologies and would like advice on what courses to take or how to prepare for a certification exam, our community of VCPs, VCAPs and VCDXs are ready to jump in to help.

If you’re a seasoned expert in VMware technologies and have earned some of our certifications, you can be a mentor to other users. Help them navigate through their learning journey and give recommendations based on the path that worked for you and your colleagues.

Need a study buddy or interesting in joining a study group? There are people like you out there looking for similar opportunities, so feel welcome to post to our community.

Have something nice to share with other VMware Customer Connect learners? Go ahead and post it in our forums. Other learners will thank you for suggesting a great book or webpage to deepen their understanding of VMware technologies.

To open a new thread, simply go to the Community tab in VMware Customer Connect Learning , choose one of these two rooms and click “Create New.”


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