VMware Certification Requirements Q&A

Do you have questions about VMware’s certification requirements? We have the answers! Read on to learn the what, why, where and who behind certification requirements and how they may play a part in your next certification.

Q: What is the value of certification requirements?

A: Certification requirements hold value because they signify that you completed the necessary lessons, training, seminars and hands-on experiences that are required to fill the job. Completing your certification requirements can really pay off. A Pearson VUE survey discovered that, of the 10,000 certified professionals surveyed, 34% reported receiving a salary increase as a result of earning an industry-recognized certification. Additionally, for 24% of them, the salary increase was substantial: 20% or better!

Q: Why are certification requirements important?

A: Certification requirements keep our certifications valid and reliable across all certification candidates, which helps support and build relevancy in the industry. When you complete certification requirements, you can use a certification designation. A certification designation means a specific certification program granted you the certification requirements for the applicable solution track or technology. Upon completion of the applicable certification requirements and your receipt of a passing score on the certification exam, VMware grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable, personal, revocable right to designate yourself with the applicable certification designation. You may use that certification designation only to promote your qualifications related to the use of the applicable product line or technology.

Q: Where can you find certification requirements?

A: You can find certification requirements in a few places.

  1. Certification homepage. Navigate to the “Explore Certifications and Badges” section to find VMware’s six certification tracks and their requirements for achievement.
  1. Exam preparation guides. Exam prep guides also list requirements.. You can download PDFs of exam guides from the Exam Overview section of each exam webpage.   
  2. Candidate agreement. On the certification homepage, under “Certification Policies,” you can view the candidate agreement. Here you can learn more about our legal document regarding your participation in the VMware Certification Program including your access to and use of any program benefit, VMware Certification Credentials, or any VMware logo that VMware makes available to you as part of the program.
  1.   VMware Certification FAQs. The FAQ page includes common questions about VMware certifications, including their requirements.

Q: Who provides certification requirement support?

A: If you have any questions related to VMware certification requirements, please contact our Global Certification Support channel at certification@vmware.com.


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