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VMware IT Certifications Offer High-Demand Skills for Next Generation of Problem Solvers

Certified individuals can help companies compete and reach customers in new ways, plus boost their own careers in the process. A VMware-commissioned report by IDC shows that certified IT professionals are promoted nearly twice as often as colleagues without certifications. VMware’s comprehensive catalog of certifications is perfect for IT professionals who want to deliver dynamic customer experiences. What are the best certifications for IT jobs in VMware environments? This list of six certifications is a great place to start:

Data Center Virtualization (DCV)

Modern applications are impressive and efficient. They’re also quite a load to handle, even with tools like containers and server virtualization software. Holders of Data Center Virtualization certifications understand the complexities of today’s applications and can help their organization overcome them.

Those who have dabbled in virtualized machines or virtualization and are likely familiar with VMware vSphere. The DCV certification path is built to gauge professionals’ skill level in designing, installing and managing VMware vSphere environments in the real world.

The DCV track begins with the VMware Technical Associate Certification for those with a basic understanding of virtualization and vSphere. Additionally, the VMware Certified Professional Certification validates a baseline of data center knowledge and an ability to troubleshoot concepts within a virtualized environment.

Higher-level certifications, such as the VMware Advanced Professional in Data Center Virtualization (VCAP), demonstrate the certification holder’s commitment to customers and are a validation of technical leadership.  

Cloud Management and Automation (CMA)

Companies are ramping up digital transformations at lightning speed. VMware’s vRealize Suite helps companies deploy, manage and monitor cloud application and infrastructure resources efficiently, without sacrificing control. Professionals who wish to be their organization’s guiding light can become vRealize experts with VMware Cloud Management and Automation certifications.

 The CMA track of certifications determines practitioners’ proficiency in installing, configuring and optimizing vRealize for a given cloud solution. Earning each of the four CMA certifications demonstrates that an individual can model, cost, deploy and monitor applications or infrastructure on any cloud. No matter the cloud, no matter the service, CMA-certified professionals know better than anyone just how to make all this work. Achieving these certifications is a sure-fire way to set oneself apart from the competition when companies come looking for their digital transformation pathfinders.

Security (SEC)

Data privacy might be the single most important consideration for a company in the digital era. No microservices migration, no instantaneous infrastructure spin-up matters if customer data ends up in front of the wrong eyes. This means security must be baked into every service and application from day one.

Individuals familiar with services, such as Carbon Black Cloud and NSX-T Data Center, should explore the VMware Security certification track. When completed, the two certifications—VMware Technical Associate and VMware Certified Professional—demonstrate that the holder understands VMware’s security solutions and can provide support for the security features of those solutions.

Network Virtualization (NV)

Customer service is king. To provide the best customer service, companies must deliver products and services as close to the end customer as possible. To do so, they’ll need to securely gain network speed and agility. VMware’s NSX Data Center enables agility, security and automation companies need to reach their customers with minimal latency.

For aspiring professionals, VMware offers a certification track for Network Virtualization. Newcomers can begin with the VMware Certified Technical Associate certification and work their way up to the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP-NV) certification. A VCAP-NV Design certification signifies that a professional can efficiently gather customer information, including risks and constraints, to make design recommendations for NSX-T Data Center solutions.

Digital Workspace (DW) 

In the age of remote work and hybrid office arrangements, the ability to deliver services and applications on any cloud, to any device, anywhere, is paramount for success. VMware Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform, and VMware Horizon is a platform for the delivery of virtual desktops and apps. Both are built for the modern era of the anywhere workforce.

IT pros who would like to enable fast, effective delivery of apps and services can pursue certifications from VMware’s Digital Workspace track. Beginners will learn the basics of operating VMware’s Digital Workspace products. From there, they can earn a Certified Professional certification in either Digital Workspace or Desktop and Mobility.

Achieving the highest certification of this track showcases an ability to design, implement, document and test scalable, complex Desktop Virtualization and Mobile Computing® environments. Digital Workspace experts know how to connect people, even when they’re a million miles away. This skill set is valuable to organizations that must ensure a smooth employee experience no matter the location, cloud or endpoint.

Application Modernization (AM)

Organizations everywhere need people who are well-versed in application modernization processes. What better way for skilled professionals to demonstrate their ability than to earn a VMware Certified Professional certification for Application Modernization?

The AM technology certification program sharpens learners’ knowledge of modern application design. Those who complete this certification track demonstrate their expertise in specialized frameworks and technologies, such as Kubernetes and Tanzu, and how those technologies help companies move from legacy to modern applications.

Gain Influence, Experience and Invaluable Knowledge

Now is an ideal time for problem solvers to take charge of their career and their organizations to excel in today’s evolving business environment and fulfill increasing customer demands. VMware has the pulse on the latest industry standards and offers one of the best IT certification programs for IT learners.

For more information, visit our Certification Track website for a list of VMware IT certifications today.


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