VMware Customer Connect Learning

VMware Customer Connect Learning Redesigned

The new VMware Customer Connect Learning (VCCL) site has been redesigned with learner experience in mind, significantly improving navigation, search and content consumption. Now, learners will enjoy the following features:

  • The new UI has been specifically designed for accessibility.
  • VCCL is now SEO-friendly, which means that learners can use their favorite search engine to find learning content on VCCL.
  • Dedicated pages for solutions, products and webinars make it easier to navigate learning, as well as bookmark favorite pages for future access.
  • Improved global and page-specific search can be found throughout the site.
  • An updated content metatag system enables learners to search and filter for content, including language localization and subtitles.
  • The new course details page and course player improves the user’s understanding and consumption of content.
  • The subscription page now describes the differences between subscription levels and offers resources to learn more.
  • “What’s New” pop-up announces new feature and content releases.
  • A News and Info section keeps learners up to date on VMware Learning announcements, developments and events.
  • New group functionality enables learning and collaboration at the community level.
    • VCCL will open a new certification group to all VCCL members.
    • A VCDX private group will be available for those in the user community who have achieved the VCDX certification.
  • The improved dashboard enables learners to resume content consumption quickly, view webinar registration, save content for future viewing, view content completion and download transcripts.
  • Learners can find support for webinar series events, as well as continued support for individual webinar events.
  • A new webinar archive page provides easy access to past events.

We are excited to welcome you to the new and improved learner experience at VMware Customer Connect Learning.


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