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Never Stop Learning: A Look Inside VMware Learning Subscription [Infographic]

To succeed in an industry as dynamic as IT, you need a learning program that is as flexible as your career demands. An effective IT learning program should be able to help enhance your technical proficiency, improve productivity and open doors to new opportunities. Most importantly, it should get you excited to keep learning!

VMware Learning Subscriptions provide a variety of options tailored to the individual learner and applicable to today’s emerging technologies. You can expand your expertise to adapt to new software solutions with 24/7 access to relevant content accessible from anywhere. Professionals can choose between three subscription tiers:

  • The Basic Tier, ideal for individual professionals or consultants, provides a general overview of VMware products and solution features. It comes complete with complimentary access to eLearning courses, troubleshooting and expert-led content.
  • The Premium Tier provides professionals with expanded curriculum and access to numerous resources for a better understanding of VMware products and solutions. This includes access to the Customer Connect Learning Video Library, skills assessments, exam preparations and more.
  • The Enterprise Tier provides advanced level content for employees and IT departments and provides insight into complex processes and solutions. This tier includes access to on-demand courses, hands-on labs, classroom training, personalized progress checks and more.

Ready to take your IT career to the next level? Be a part of the movement that is driving a better IT industry and enroll in your first course today.

Dive into our infographic to learn more about VMware’s Learning Subscription Tiers and determine which one is right for you.


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