Which Subscription is Right for You?

Do you enjoy getting nickel and dimed every time you book a flight? “Oh, you want a decent seat on the plane; that will be an extra 40 dollars. Did you bring luggage with you? That will be an additional $25. Would you like something to eat on that 5-hour flight? That will be an extra $15!”

VMware Learning will never do that to you. We have made getting the knowledge you need to get the most out of your VMware technology investments as straight forward as possible.

There are three subscription options. If you are an individual IT professional or consultant looking to advance your knowledge and career while providing your organization with the technical expertise to achieve their business goals – in that case, you select either a Basic or Premium subscription.

Basic subscriptions are available at no cost to all VMware users and customers and provide foundational knowledge. A premium subscription offers access to “how-to” process steps for VMware products and solutions and helps you prepare to join the VMware Certified Technical Associate and VMware Certified Professional community. This investment in yourself is a crucial step on your learning journey toward faster promotion and recognition in the IT industry.

If you are a team leader looking to provide essential knowledge to a group of 3 or more individuals worldwide, Enterprise Learning is the way to go. Your team will have access to all the On-Demand learning classes, full access to hands-on lab content and environment, as well as two VMware Certified Professional exam vouchers per registered employee. All this comprehensive content is made available by VMware, anywhere, anytime.

It’s as simple as that. Start closing our industry’s skills gap today. Get started by visiting vmware.com/go/learningzone.


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