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VMinclusion Taara, a Unique Return to Work Program for Women

VMware helps women in India restart their career with VMware Learning Certification program

VMware’s #VMinclusion Taara is a program designed to help women in India return to a career in technology. In India’s IT sector, nearly 50 percent of women drop out of the active workforce after about 5 to 8 years and do not return to work.

A report by the Centre for Talent Innovation says that although almost 91% of women want to return to work, 40-45% percent are unable to find suitable opportunities. The rapid pace of technology innovation results in their skills often being outdated by the time they are ready to return to work. VMinclusion Taara helps address this gap through its free courses on the latest digital transformation technologies.

Through this program, VMware plans to upskill 15,000 women in India by providing free technical education and certification courses on digital business transformation technologies (Cloud Computing and Virtualization). VMware provides participants with Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certification to become a VMware Certified Professional (VCP). Over 5,000 women have started this journey with VMware.

See how this program has already positively impacted the lives of women in this exclusive video.

Learn more about #VMware Taara and the program’s impact with these Back-to-work stories.

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  1. I happened to meet one of the women who graduated out of this program and got me curious and look up this. It’s great to see this initiative and I would like to help. Please let me know if we can explore a possibility of interviewing them and exploring potential job opportunities. We have few openings not a lot but every job counts. right?

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