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Tinkering, Breaking, and Aha Moments: Spotlight on Abdullah Abdullah


Abdullah Abdullah, Professional Services Organization Consultant, has the passion for VMware and certification exams that makes it very easy to recognize him as this month’s SME spotlight award winner. Abdullah has been a reliable contributor to VMware’s Certification Program. Always eager to assist in the creation of certification exams, he is known to put in extra hours to meet with his fellow subject matter experts around the globe and ensure VMware is producing the highest quality exams possible.


Abdullah has contributed as a subject matter expert during multiple competency modeling, item development, technical review, and standard setting workshops for several years now. Abdullah’s knowledge and expertise of VMware products and technologies has benefited the certification community greatly.


VMware thanks Abdullah for his contributions and looks forward to his future exam development assistance.


What is your background? How long have you worked in IT?

I’ve always wanted to become an aircraft designer, but my passion was meant to get realized somewhere else. I started working at an early age, and got my first computer-bound job at the age of 12. Needless to say, the love for information technology grew in me further. I held part-time jobs in different IT-related positions including graphic design and web applications development until my graduation⁠—where I got my first full-time job as an IT Administrator. As my career progressed, I transitioned from a customer role to a partner role. I began as a Support Specialist, got promoted to a Senior Support Specialist, transitioned to a Senior Implementation Specialist, and now I am the Professional Services Team Lead for the VMware unit covering the entire VMware technology stack.



What do you think makes for a great testing/online learning experience?

The joy of learning requires aha moments. First, by doing some basic reading about the product you want to learn about, then get hands-on and be curious. Even though there are administration guides, the experience of perceiving different configuration combinations and observing the different results is of great value when preparing for a product. After the tinkering, breaking, and fixing process, you would proceed with proper education either by studying product documentation, instructor-led training, or on-demand training. The exam preparation is next—where you’d lean on the blueprint to focus and hone your skills on the different product topics. Finally, when you sit down to do the exam you’d be bringing your entire study experience with you, and that is your anchor to get the answers from.


Why did you get involved in the VMware Education Contributor program?

The best way to influence something that you favor is becoming a part of it. Here is a little background story: in my early geek days, I discovered IT-related gaming websites where you’d have to complete challenges related to JavaScript, HTML, Perl, Cryptography, Steganography, etc. When I eventually finished all of the challenges, I wanted more. There were ways to contribute to those websites by creating your own challenges and help enrich those games with ideas from the field. The situation here is similar. Using my technical experience—as a VCIX in all tracks and a VCDX— and involvement with the VMware community, the VMware Education Contributor program gave me the chance to influence the exams from a field perspective and provide the experience of an exam candidate from a real-world view, especially with exams that are not performance-based.


What is the most desirable facet of the Education Contributor program?

I would say the dedication of the program to produce exams that are of truly high quality and standards, in addition to the constant thoughtfulness to make the content career path relevant.


How have you benefited from the program?

I’ve experienced many benefits from this program including the chance to sit in the candidate’s shoes while creating questions as well as reviewing questions and attempting to think at the right level. This is a new path and a chance to learn more and build up my skills. In addition, the experience of doing this with the brightest minds from both VMware Education and peers from the field, while getting involved with and exposed to the thoughts and discussions that take place during the workshops is by itself an unparalleled gem.


Fun Fact

I am accused of never sleeping. Sadly, I do sleep. If I didn’t have to, I would be able to learn much more. I can never find enough time to learn everything I want to. 😉


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Learn more about VMware’s Education Contributor Program.



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