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Remote Exam Testing is Here!


VMware Certification is pleased to announce that remote proctoring of its exams, delivered by Pearson VUE, will be available starting April 20, 2020. Remote proctoring allows you to take the exam from ANY secure location, and will be a permanent offering, regardless of the availability of in-person testing centers going forward. The cost per exam remains the same.


With artificial intelligence combined with live monitoring, these new exam options offer the most up-to-date technology, including enhanced security features such as: face-matching technology, virtual ID verification, session monitoring, browser lockdown, recording, and more. In order to take an exam remotely, you will need to have a web cam, show ID, have your camera scan the room, and be in a secure, quiet location. This is still a proctored exam, with a live proctor. As with in-person events, you will not be able to use any materials to take the exam.


After a simple download and system check, you’ll be up and running quickly, so that you can easily get to what really matters: the test. When registering for your upcoming exam, simply select the remote proctoring option to choose this convenient new test-taking option. You can see the full VMware Certification and Badging testing catalog here.


Due to country regulations, remote proctoring is not available in China, Cuba, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Slovenia, South Korea, and Sudan. Candidates who reside in these countries will not be able to register for an OnVUE exam.


All exams will be available for remote proctored delivery on April 20, 2020 except for the VCAP Deploy lab-based exams; with a different underlying delivery infrastructure, they take a bit more work and will be available soon.


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  1. When will exam registration be available? I tried to register now, and I don’t see any options for OnVue for testing?

    1. Not 100% sure right now, working with Pearson to determine that timeline, as we know what needs to be done. Hopefully soon.


    1. It does depend on the country, and Pearson will know more than I. For instance, if a country does not allow individuals to download anything onto their computers, since the online remote proctoring does require a local client on the machine to work. Other than that, no restrictions that I am aware of, none differently than if you were to take it in a test center, if any restrictions existed for that.


    1. Yes, you can reschedule it just like you would reschedule the time of your exam in the past. Follow the same process, and you can change the “location” to be online.

        1. It may be that you are in a country that doesn’t support it, due to political or other challenges? Click the Learn More link above, scroll near the bottom of the page, and you can see the list of countries. That list is subject to change as more work and/or agreements are resolved in those areas.


  2. Hello, I just tried to check the availability for online proctoring for VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Design.
    However I don’t see that possibility. This is the design exam so it should be available for online proctoring right? It’s only the deploy exam that isn’t available for online proctoring.

    1. Correct…since the option wasn’t available until morning PST time, it may be you tried just a bit too early…try again, see if it works.


  3. i’m just trying to schedule VCAP Design and vSAN specialist exams and received info from Pearson support that both exams are not available online. How come?

    1. Both should be available as remote proctored exams, that can be taken from home or office. It may be that the agent you were speaking to assumed you meant online NON-proctored exams.

      Or maybe the remote proctored option hadn’t started yet…it became available in PST time today. Try it again now and see if it works.


  4. Any word when this exam will be going live Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 6.7 exam 3V0-22.19. I don’t see it on the list for exams.

    1. The Deploy lab exams are being worked on now. They require more work since the delivery infrastructure for those is much more complex. No specific date yet, but hopefully sooner rather than later.


  5. Hi, I am trying to reschedule my exam but I can not see any option to it online? Which steps should I proceed?

    1. Hi Kev, you can follow the same procedures as a normal exam to reschedule a remote proctor exam.

      – From Pearson VUE home page, click on the exam listed under “Open Online Exams”
      – Click on Reschedule under Order Information
      – Choose the new appointment date and time
      – Proceed to checkout
      – Verify the new appointment date / time and click on Confirm Reschedule button

      You will receive an exam appointment reschedule confirmation email from Pearson VUE


      1. if you have scheduled in test center and you want to reschedule it as an online exam it is not possible now, I have exactly this issue and then click on reschedule then i can see the list of other test center and there isn’t an option to change it to online exam, i sent an email to VUE about this issue and if i received any update then i will notify here

        1. Hi Ali, it may related to the country. Click the Learn More link above, scroll near the bottom of the page, and you can see the list of countries that currently do not offer remote proctoring.

          1. Hi KARL,My country is Canada and remote proctoring is available and if i want to schedule new exam it is available but when i want to reschedule current test center exam to remote exam then there isn’t any option when i click reschedule

          2. Yeah, you definitely have the remote proctor option (unless you’re trying to schedule a Deploy exam?)

            See the steps in my reply up above in one of the blog responses.

        2. hi karl
          VUE said you should cancel your schedule if it is already scheduled in test center and you want change it to online,i did all your recommendation but i can’t reschedule my exam from test center to online, because my payment card is now expired so i cant cancel my exam schedule, please if you can find any solution let me change my schedule exam to online let me know or give me your contact please to follow with you

    1. Hi Marcin, the Deploy lab exams are not available yet to be delivered remotely, as they have a different delivery infrastructure than our standard exams. We are working on that solution now, and hope to have them available within a short time.


  6. Hi Karl,
    I have the same Ali issue, I want reschedule my VCAP-NV Design from test center to “home”. I can confirm that “home” exam from Italy are available, I tried to schedule a VCAP-DCV Design exam (just for testing the procedure) and it work fine…
    Now, for my VCAP-NV Design reschedule problem, I tried your suggestions but after clicking on “reschedule” link under “order informations”, I can choose only a new test center and not the “At a home or office” option (or any other option to reschedule at “home”). What I miss?

    Can you please give me more precise informations on how to change this or can you blog the procedure (The procedure seems very simple but I’m not able to take any changes and blogging it can be useful for other people)?…


    1. Hi Benja, I’m surprised it’s not letting you reschedule. You should be able to, just like you did with the VCAP-DCV Design exam. If you continue running into issues, email certification@vmware.com.

      The general steps are to log in to the scheduling page (you can visit https://www.vmware.com/education-services/certification.html, scroll down a bit and click on “Register for an Exam” and login to myLearn); select the exam you’d like to reschedule or cancel from ‘Upcoming Appointments.’ You will receive an email confirming any changes to your appointment. Don’t forget to click ‘Confirm Reschedule’ on the final screen to ensure your changes have been saved.

  7. Hi Karl,
    I confirm the issue, I’m able to schedule VCAP-DCV/NV Deisgn at “home” starting from scratch with VUE procedure.
    Instead, if VCAP-* Design was scheduled on test center, I’m able to reschedule the exam only in another test center. I confirm also the steps about your suggestions, under “Upcoming Appointements”, select reschedule, I can choose “new appointment” (on the same test center) or “change test center”…selecting the last option, I don’t see any option to reschedule at “home”.
    Yesterday I cancelled my exam appointment in order to receive the refund and than I will schedule again the exam using the “from scratch” procedure from “home”.


  8. My username in government id is different from VMware . will that create any issues while scheduling and complete the exam. VCP 6.7

    1. Hi Thangaraj, for security reasons, your name on your government issued ID will need to be the same in your testing profile. To change your name on the testing profile, to match the ID, submit a request to certification@vmware.com, and they will assist you.

    1. Hi, in progress still. I don’t remember where I mentioned it, the work involved required more back-end development than first expected, so it’ll be longer than the EOY. It’s targeted for first quarter next CY, and I’m pressing for and hoping for sooner…

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