Introducing 2020 Certifications and Badges

The new 2020 VMware Certifications and Badges are now available. With the year designator, it becomes clearer when you earned it and how current your expertise is. The credential you earn depends on when you complete the requirements.


If you met all the requirements in 2019 (starting on January 16, 2019 – ending December 31, 2019), then you earned the 2019 Certification or Badge. Requirements completed from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 will earn you the 2020 version. Beginning January 1, 2020 all 2019 Certifications and Badges are discontinued⁠—meaning they are still valid and shown on your transcript but no longer attainable.


We will be communicating how the upgrade paths work for 2020 in an upcoming blog, so watch for that very soon.


To learn more of our new Certifications and Badges we invite you to visit our Certification Homepage.


We will also be posting FAQs on our website to help answer other questions as they come up. Post any questions you may have here, and we will answer and/or create an FAQ for it!


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  1. If I currently have a VCP-2019 certification which tested you on 6.7 what is different in the VCP-2020 certification?

    1. Hi Joshua, there will be different upgrade paths available for you to upgrade to 2020, since you have taken the latest exam. For example, there will be new training that will enable you to upgrade, as well as a new version of the exam based on new vSphere releases. These upgrade paths will show up soon and throughout the year, providing you different ways to upgrade without taking the same exam twice.


    1. Hi Prateem,

      Our logic actually accepts the VCP-DCV 2019 as a prerequisite to earning a VCAP. You are good to go for the VCAP this year and earn it without upgrading the VCP.

      We have submitted some changes to the web site to make it more clear and this should be updated in the near future.


  2. Hi Karl,

    I have my VCP 6.5 and understand that I need to write the exam to upgrade my VCP. My question is, If I write the 2019 Delta exam does that fulfill the requirement to attend the (whats new 6.5 – 6.7 course) which would then automatically give me my VCP 2020?

    or does writing the exam give me the VCP 2020 automatically?

    1. Hi Marc, it will actually award you the VCP-DCV 2020…the version is based on when you earn the certification.


  3. Hi Carl,

    I have completed my VCP 5.5 DCV and was planning to recertify. But I see that the requirements for VCP 5 has changed for VCP DCV 2020. VCP 2019 didn’t require us to attend additional trainings whereas VCP 2020 does, eventhough we are giving the same exam – 2V0-21.19.

    Per your previous post, one can upgrade if they are 2 or 3 versions behind.

    Doesn’t that mean we should be able to directly give the exam to upgrade to VCP DCV 2019/ VCP DCV 2020 since the underlying exams haven’t change.


    1. Hi Karthic, the upgrade paths are dependent on the certification version rather than the exam version. Even when exam versions don’t change, the exams undergo health checks and performance updates to keep their quality, so there is quite a difference in exams from the original vSphere 5.5 and the current vSphere 6.7 exam. Several generations of changes.
      With the upgrade policy you refer to, the training is required once a certification becomes 4 versions back or older, which now does include the VCP5-DCV.


  4. Hallo Karl,

    Sorry to approach you here directly. But this needs clarification from someone like.
    I did approach the certification support team but I’m not satisfied with the response as it is contradicting.

    I’m VCAP-DCD5. When I review the requirements for VCAP-DCV Design 2020. I choose “Any VCAP-DCV”. It confirms I can directly give then design exam.
    But I was not sure if I really need to start again. So I opened a community thread here and subsequently asked the certification support team. The support team claimed I have to start again and now at the thread someone as pasted the pre-requisites which confirms I do not have to start from VCP again.

    Community thread : https://communities.vmware.com/message/2922677#2922677

  5. Hello, have a quick question and just wanted to be sure I was on the right track. I have my VCP6-DCV and was looking to stay current. I think the delta exam expired on the 20th of this month and I was planning on taking that but now have run out of time. Do you know the other exams I can take to make my cert current?



    1. Hi Bernard, the Delta exam is still available through the end of the year. That exam and the full VCP exam are also available and will count, and you can also take the vSphere 7 version.

      1. Hey Karl, I missed the Delta exam so was just wondering exactly which exam I should be studying for to sign up to take and when it expires? I just don’t want to end up in a situation where I have to go to training again.


          1. If the exams are extended til June, could I just take the delta for 6.7? Or is my only path now version 7 and the training?


    1. Hi Raitis, you cannot pass the same exam twice, so your options will be to attend a training, which will update you to 2021, or when the newer version of the exam is out, take that exam.


  6. Hey Karl, I tried to reply to the last one in the thread but wasn’t able to for some reason. So with my vcp6-dcv I can take the 6.7 delta by June, then I can take the version 7 exam and will be current at VCP-DCV2020. And all of that is without the training, correct?

    1. Hi Bernard,

      The certification versions are awarded based on when the requirements are met. For any upgrade path, it will award the VCP-DCV 2021 (since the reqs are met in 2021 now). Unfortunately, since VCP6-DCV is four versions back, it does require the training and the single exam (either 6.7 before June 30 or the 7.x exam) to get to VCP 2021.

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