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The Research Proves It: Certification Boosts Personal Satisfaction and Recognition

There are a host of reasons to become certified in VMware’s products and services, including salary increases, promotions, and new opportunities. But it’s the benefits we don’t necessarily see—the intrinsic values—that create a true sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Pearson VUE’s 2018 Value of Certification survey backed these findings up with hard data. After surveying nearly 10,000 professionals, Pearson found that 89.7% of those asked noted specific personal benefits from their certifications.


The most common benefit realized was a “greater self-confidence in abilities.” Over 67% of those surveyed felt more positive about themselves and their abilities—a huge factor when it comes to self-promotion. When you feel confident that you know what you’re doing, it becomes easier to do your job and, in turn, convince others that your work will truly deliver.



It comes as no surprise that the second most realized benefit is “increased job satisfaction.” When your work is solid and recognized by your managers and those around you, it boosts your overall mood in terms of getting the job done. Over 40% of respondents felt a greater satisfaction in the workplace after becoming certified.



Proving your mettle also becomes easier. Nearly 40% of respondents saw “increased credibility among co-workers.” So, not only are you more confident in your own capabilities, your peers are swayed also. There’s definitely a cache to certification that can’t be matched by on-the-job knowledge alone. The fact that a governing body has validated your skills makes you all the more valuable in your co-workers’ eyes.


In addition, more than 34% felt “greater excitement and optimism toward career.” Being recognized as a knowledgeable professional is bound to perk up your enthusiasm for what you do. When you know your stuff, backward and forward, you feel good doing it.


Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Many certified professionals go on to bigger and better accomplishments—and additional certifications (like VCAP and VCDX). More than 33% of respondents notes a “greater drive and determination to succeed.” One solid certification begets the next big thing in your career.


Finally, at just over 18%, respondents reported a “sense of community with other credentialed professionals in the field.” There’s certainly something to be said for belonging to “the certification club.” Those in-the-know recognize and value others who have taken the same path. It’s easy to see this sense of camaraderie in the forums, blogs, and social media of those certified.


Of course, all of these factors add up. When you consider all of the inherent benefits, it’s not shocking that a whopping 90% of respondents would recommend certification to a friend or colleague looking to advance their career in a technology-related field. When it comes to a clear path up the ladder—and all of the “feel good” benefits associated—certification is key.


Start (or continue) your path to certification, recognition, and overall satisfaction today. Find out which path is right for you and your next steps.


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