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Two More Ways to Get the Best Possible Guidance to Pass Your Certification Exam

Following the popularity of our previously released exam preps, the VMware Learning Zone has just released two additional new free programs to help learners prepare for certification exams.


Now available with a Basic VLZ subscription (or higher), these include:


These courses prepare those planning to become certified to take their respective exam. This course is not about teaching you the “how” but, instead, provides you with the best possible guidance to make sure you’re ready to pass.  The benefits of each exam prep include:

  • Review of individual objectives of the exam blueprint
  • Demystification of objective titles
  • Explicit guidance for supporting documentation, including helpful blogs and knowledge base resources
  • Walk throughs of network design guide chapters
  • Assurance that learners are studying the topics most likely to be on the exam
  • Assistance in identifying knowledge gaps, where students need to prepare further.





If you’d like to learn more about certifications and tracks, check out the VMware Certification website.


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