It’s January…time for the new 2019 VCP certifications!

You may remember back in August we introduced a new naming convention and timeline for our certifications.


We are now beginning to roll out our new VCPs for 2019. Since it’s a new change in terms of naming and timing, I want to provide more clarification on how it all works and what you can expect.


With the year designator on every certification, it becomes clearer when you earned a certification and how current your expertise is within that certification track. The certification you earn depends on when you complete the requirements. If you meet all the requirements in 2019 (starting on January 16), you’ll earn the 2019 certification. If you finish it in 2020, you’ll earn the 2020 certification, and so on.


For each certification, there are exam requirements. When the certification launches, the most recent exam will still be available since it represents a current solution (although with a different exam code so our system will map it to the new certification). Then, based on product updates, available resources, and the timing of product releases, one or more new exams will be released. Any of the available exams count towards the certification, as they represent current solutions.


For example, the new VCP-DCV 2019 will include the choice of:

  • the current exam based on vSphere 6.5 (with the new exam code)
  • or the new exam based on vSphere 6.7, available on or before January 24


Here are the exam plans for each VCP certification for 2019:


And to ensure we are always certifying on current solutions, we will retire exams as we introduce new versions. The current policy is that we retire exams four months after a new version is released (subject to change).


For those who have earned one of the two previous versions of the certification (see policy here), upgrade paths will be straight-forward. Choose one of:

  • Passing the new exam
  • Passing a smaller Delta exam, when available
  • Other options, which will be added as they are released, with the goal of making it simpler to upgrade


I hope this helps clarify some of the new standards for our annual certification releases. We will also be posting FAQs on our website to help answer other questions as they come up. Post any questions you may have here, and I will answer and/or create a FAQ for it!


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  1. Not a nice move, since this will be a yearly exam requirement by all VCP title holders even if VMware has not released any major or minor versions of the specific product. The two year expiration period of VCP exams was hated, but still better than this. Not sure this latter makes sense still after putting the year into the title itself.

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback. Our goal is to help you be successful by being able to show how relevant and current you are within the industry. I certainly understand that the two years can be tough, and this change is not meant to shorten the time for recertification and make it harder. In fact, we’re making some changes that will make it easier to stay current, including simpler upgrade paths and options (which you’ll see roll out with the new 2019 certifications and throughout the year). You’ll begin to recognize the benefits of a predictable schedule and being able to more clearly communicate the relevancy of your certification in the market. And as more badges are released, you’ll be able to start building a better picture, through the combination of certifications and badges, of what you can really do.

      Keep an eye out, as these and other changes will continue to improve the program.


    2. Not a nice move at all replacing product version with Year, since this makes it unclear and terribly confusing what was actually certified — and the year designation is much less meaningful! Two product versions are current at different times during 2019 or 2020…. Were you certified under 6.5 or 6.7? The 6.7 certification is more current, regardless of which YEAR you earned the certificate – Two 2019 VCP holders tested on different product versions would have the same credential but one was tested on
      older tech — WHEN you took the test doesn’t really matter. Whether the exam vSphere 6.5 – only the product version matters, whether you sat that exam in 2017, 2018, or 2019 has no bearing on how “current” the candidate is.

  2. Hi Karl ,

    Thanks for the post . Ihave recently completed my 6.5 DCV (2V0-622) certification in dec 2018 . AM i qualified for the badge VCP -DCV 2019 ? if not please suggest me the path to assure it .

    1. Hi Sandeep, as a VCP6.5-DCV, you will be able to upgrade to VCP-DCV 2019 through one exam, either a delta or full exam, based on vSphere 6.7. That exam will be available, as well as the 2019 pages, in about a week.

  3. Hello Karl,

    Thank you for the article. Currently I am VCP6.0-DCV(not expired). Is it possible to take a delta exam (if available) and go for VCP6.7-DCV 2019 after January 24? Or I must go first with VCP6.5-DCV ?

    1. Hi Spiros, yes, you may earn the VCP-DCV 2019 directly with the new delta exam (which will be published shortly after the full exam is available.)


  4. Hello Karl,
    thanks for the great post!
    Speaking of VCAP.. I’m a VCP6.5-DCV, will I be able to achieve the VCAP 6.5 after the 1st of March, without having to take another VCP exam?

    1. Hi David, yes, it sounds like your VCP is active. You are in great shape to still take the new VCAP exam. However, the certification you will earn will be the VCAP-DCV 2019.


  5. Hello Karl,
    I have active VCP6-DTM, will it be ok as pre-requisite for passing VCP-DCV 2019 without mandatory training or I need VCP-DTM 2018 as pre-requisite?

    1. Hi Thomsen, yes, as an active VCP holder in any track, you may recertify and earn another VCP in a different track by only passing the VCP exam. No additional training is required (though it is recommended for preparation.)


  6. Does new cert in different track auto prolongs already owned cert?
    For example I have VCP6.5 DCV from Dec 2018. If in 2019 I take a Cloud exam let’s say according to the new cert model, does it mean that also my VCP6.5 DCV will be auto extended and renamed to VCP-DCV 2019?

    1. Yes, you may earn a new certification in any other track, or upgrade to VCAP, and it will extend all your VCPs at once.


    1. All other policies, including the recertification policy, is still the same. However, we are doing some things that will make it simpler to keep current…keep an eye out over the next couple months.


  7. Hi Karl,

    Will there be a new 6.7 vSphere foundations exam released as well on Jan 24th?

    Just completed a 6.7 ICM class and wanted to know if I should go with 6.5 foundations exam as a prerequisite to VCP-DCV 2019 or wait for 6.7 foundations exam.


    1. Hi Tarek, there will be a new Foundations exam for vSphere 6.7. However, it’ll be a couple weeks or so later than the VCP exam.

      Note that any of the 6.x Foundations exams will still count for the new VCP, so whatever works best with your timing and preparation.


  8. Hi Karl,

    My situation is similar to Tarek. I completed 6.7 ICM class recently. But currently there is only VCP 6.5-DCV certification track. So I want to know below:

    1. Do I just need to take “vSphere 6.5 Foundations” and “VCP 6.5-DCV” exams in order to obtain new VCP-DCV 2019 certification ?
    2. Or still need to take delta exam after VCP 6.5-DCV for VCP-DCV 2019?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Tom, yes, if you complete the 6.5 class and exams (after Jan 24), you will earn the VCP-DCV 2019. No need to take the delta to earn the certification.


      1. Yesterday I get vcp dcv 6.5, I had to renew it before 16th January. So now I have vcp 6 and vcp 6.5 , this certification expires in January 2021. Why have I to do another exam this year ? It has no sense.

        1. Hi Radhek, congratulations on your certification!

          You are not required to earn the 2019 certification. Your new VCP6.5-DCV is current and active, having earned it just yesterday, as well as your VCP6-DCV, since you renewed it by earning the new 6.5 version.

          There is a shorter upgrade exam based on vSphere 6.7 if you want the new certification, but it is not required.


  9. A lot of guys that took the exam recently are gonna hate this. Me living in a country where the average wage of an IT is 600 USD a month then you less my monthy expenses and then another delta exam to stay current. Wow good job VMware Education and Certification team.

    Good Job!

    1. Hi John, I know that certification and training comes with a cost. There are regional differences in pricing that should help (not knowing exactly where you live).

      There are no requirements or mandate to update yearly, it depends on what fits you best. We are able to show how current your certification is, but the need to upgrade and when to do it will be different for everyone. You get to choose – we won’t mandate updates based on the year.


  10. Hi Karl,

    I’m a current VCP6.5-DVC holder and I am looking to sit the VCAP-DCV Deploy exam. I notice that the current VCAP-DVC requires the VCP6.5-DVC certification and not VCP6-DCV.
    What will be the VCP requirement to sit the VCAP-DCV 2019 exam? Will VCP6.5-DVC suffice?


  11. I have currently Completed a vSphere 6.5 install, configure, manage training course, does this still qualify as a Required Training course for the new 2019 exam once it is released?
    Many Thanks

        1. Hi Daniel, yes, they can be, but it must be in connection with the 6.5 exam. Even though the certification is slowly opening up to allow for more versions, the older logic still applies in that a course and subsequent exam must be on the same version.

          In other words, if you take a 6.5 training course, you will need to take a 6.5 exam (either the Foundations or the VCP exam).


  12. Has the price sharply increased with these changes? I renewed my VCP6.5-DCV cert in April of 2018 with the 20% VMUG Advantage discount and it was $200.

    The new Voucher is $321.54 and minus VMUG ADV 20% off is 316.39. That is over a $100 increase!

    Do I have this right? Is their a current VCP discount as well?

    1. Hi Jay, there hasn’t been a change in the price since last April. In fact, the standard price is $250 US, so less than your voucher.

      It could be that you purchased a voucher bundle, that includes more than one voucher?


  13. Hi Karl,
    I have an active VCP6.5-DCV certification (valid until October 2019) and a VCP5-DTM(!) certification. The last one is a little bit old.
    Earning the actual VCP2019-DTM certification, what I have to do?
    Is it possible to take the actual DTM-exam only, or do I need the official training also?

    Many Thanks!


    1. Hi Andre,

      Since you’re currently active with the DCV certification, you can earn the new VCP-DTM 2019 by simply taking a single exam. Training is of course recommended, but not required for you.


  14. I passed VCP-NV 2019 last week, and noticed that it has no expiry date and it has not re certified my other VCPs in other tracks. I contacted the certification email address, and they have advised me that the 2019 certs have no expiration, but have not elaborated on the recertification of older certificates. Can you shed any light on this as there has been no announcement of this change of policy?

    1. Hi Ryan, it’s actually some work that is being done on our back-end systems that are showing some different data…I’ll be sending out a note next week in regards to the change in the system, but your certifications have been recertified since you passed the exam and earned the 2019 certification.


    1. Hi Scott, with the change in our recertification policy yesterday, it opened up the chance to take the 2V0-21.19D exam to earn the VCP-DCV 2019, since the VCP5-DCV has now become active again and allows for the one-exam upgrade.


  15. I took a class at a local college to satisfy the training portion then I passed my foundations exam. It was for version 6.0. I have a test scheduled for 6.0 in two weeks. This is for VCP-DCV. So, my question is, do I need to take a different exam for 6.5, or can I still take 6.0 to become certified? This is all a little confusing.

    1. Hi Bernard, it depends on which certification you are earning.

      For the most current VCP-DCV 2019, only the most current exams will count. Currently, you can still take the Foundations 6.0 exam. However, for the second exam, the VCP-focused exam, only either the 6.5 or 6.7 exams will count.

      Since the VCP6-DCV hasn’t been officially retired yet, and since you have taken the training already (which has since been retired), you still have a short time before it’s retired to take the v6.0 exam and earn that credential. But with the recent release of the 2019 certifications, the older versions will be retired within about 4 months (pending the formal retirement announcement.)


  16. I have to say that I am happy that vmware removed the expiration, but the renaming of the exams is just another stupid idea. How is the year I wrote an exam any indication of how current I am in the technology. Did you even actually thing that whole process through before making that decision.

    Vmware Does not (has not, and never will) release a major release of any product every year so if it takes 2-3 years before vsphere 7 comes (lets call it 2021), then having an exam date of 2019 makes it look like I am out of date, when in fact I am perfectly up to date on the recent major release.

    If by using the year, you are trying to guilt people (or coerce) into spending $250usd every year to write an exam for every minor point release that comes out, I guess that would make sense.

    I’ve been a VCP since version 2.1 and only a fool writes an exam for every point release…it makes zero sense…like writing an exam for windows 2016 1607, then 1709 then 1803, then 1809….

    The Major version number actually clearly and accurately described to people if you were out of date or not. If I am bragging about my VCP 2, and its now vsphere 6.x, its clear my VCP isn’t worth the paper it was written on….

    Change for the sake of change actually does nothing but make you look stupid.

    1. Thanks Mark for the feedback. You can see some of the reasoning behind the change here: https://blogs.vmware.com/education/2018/08/22/we-are-changing-the-way-we-name-vmware-certifications-the-year-makes-it-clear/

      In addition, we’ve changed the way we name the exams as well. You can still show through your transcripts and CertManager exactly what product version you have certified on, to emphasize where you’ve studied and worked. And now, by knowing exactly when the new certification versions will be released and not having to recertify within our old timeline of two years, you can decide when it makes the most sense to you for when to upgrade.


  17. I read the reasoning, and I agree with most of the posters in the other thread. While it might make sense to an educator, it makes no sense to the people who hire people with certs and no sense to those of us who use the product. I guess we will wait 2 years for them to see what the rest of us see just like the expirations of our certifications, and back track. The version still makes the most sense of anything (and where it doesn’t as the article stated, change your product names so the version does make sense).

    Just like having an MCSA 2003 (well MCSE back then) is useless when working with windows 2016, having the VCP 2 is useless when working with vsphere 6…so there was ZERO reason to change the exam when you could change the product names.

    However (as an example) having an exam in the year 2017 in 2019 now makes me look out of date when in fact I am up to date on my vpshere 6 track (just as I pointed out, I don’t want or need to write an exam for every point version to keep the year up to date to impress employers, but I guess I do now don’t I, so I assume from education revenue perspective, mission accomplished

    From a certification valuation perspective, we, the people, have gained nothing…

  18. So if you are already VCP-DCV 6.5 you are still VCP-DCV 6.5 but a VCP 5 or 6 takes the new code of the same VCP 6.5 exam and it will be VCP- DCV 2019. Ok……..

  19. I am trying to understand how complex VMware is making it’s certifications,
    I come from Cisco and AWS certifications and now studying for VMware.
    For me unless you make ruge changes on your system, there is no use to retire certification unless your goal is forcing candidates to pay more money to take another exam.
    Another thing is not good is the two years certification expiration.
    I would advice your decision makers to rethink your strategy on retaining and getting new certified professionals to be able to work on your solutions.

  20. Hello Karl,

    I’m going to start my certification process at VMware and, at the moment, I’m focusing on the VCP-DCV 2019 certification.
    I am starting my syllabus, but I confess I was a bit confused about the necessary qualifications (requirements) for the VCP-DCV 2019 certification.
    I read about the Associate certification and Foundation certification, but I could not understand if both are prerequisites for VCP-DCV 2019 certification or if the only requirement is just the VMware vSphere training: Install, Configure, Manage [V6 .7].
    Can you help me understand this process better?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Estevao,

      Thanks for the question. There are three requirements for the VCP. The training is required, and the ICM course you mention is a great place to start if you already have an understanding of virtualization and its technologies in general. Then you must pass the Foundations exam, of which there are a few versions (from 6.0 to 6.7) available, depending on your product experience and preference. And then you must pass the Professional vSphere exam.

      I wish you the best and look forward to you earning the certification!


  21. When will the exams be available on the pearson vue website to book? At present you can’t schedule any VCP exam. I have two months before the VCP 6.0 DCV exam is retired and I want to take it before this happens.

    David Ross

    1. Hi David, all exams should be available to book. Have you called Pearson by chance? I will forward to our support team so they can confirm or not whether there are any issues.


  22. Hi,

    I already have the VCP 6.0 DCV certification and i did the VMware vSphere training: Install, Configure, Manage [V6 .5] last year and just wrote the VCP 6.5 DCV exam yesterday, will that earn me the VCP-DCV 2019 certification or what?

    Expecting your prompt response!

    Tony osas

  23. Hello Karl,

    I did the VMware vSphere training: Install, Configure, Manage [V6 .5] last year. I have already the VCP 6.0 DCV certification and just wrote the VCP 6.5 DCV exam last week. With all these, will i be given the VCP-DCV 2019 certification.
    Awaiting your prompt response!

  24. Hello Karl,

    I’ve completed the 6.5 training course and was wondering if I need to do both the 6.5 exams (real quick) or can I do one 6.5 and a 6.7 exam to obtain certification?

    1. Hi Edwin, you may take either version of the exam (before they retire) and earn the 2019 certification. That means that you can take the Foundations exam (either 6.x, 6.5, or 6.7) and then the VCP exam (either 6.5 or 6.7).

      The older versions are retiring at the end of the month, so if you’d like to take advantage of them, be sure to take them soon.


      1. Thanks Karl, I’ll have a go at 6.5 on Friday (and possibly again on the 30th) Its good to hear that the 6.5 course can still be used against the 6.7 exams to obtain certification. I may need this option if things don’t go to plan before the end of August.

      2. Quick question please….I have done my training course in August last year…i will be doing my 6.5 foundations this Saturday 17th, so:
        1. Will I have to sit for VCP 6.5 by end of this month?
        2. If I pass the foundation, can I directly attempt VCP 6.7 without having to sit for another training course for 6.7?

        1. Hi, assuming the course was related to the 6.5 version in preparation for your 6.5 Foundations exam, then yes, you are correct. You can pass the 6.5 Foundations exam (best of luck!) and then take and pass the vSphere 6.7 exam and earn the VCP-DCV 2019 certification.


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