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New “Bridge” Upgrade Path for Current VCPs

Happy New Year!

I have a new change to announce for our current VCP candidates that is a bit of good news and will help those who haven’t upgraded yet to the most current version.

Recently, I posted a blog to help VCP candidates choose which new certification is best for them: the VCP6-DCV or VCP6.5-DCV. My intended audience were those who haven’t yet earned their first VCP. Although I wanted to say something for those with a current VCP5-DCV, there was some back-end logic that wasn’t quite in place for me to provide an option for them.

But now there is! Starting immediately, any VCP who is two versions behind the most current available version in the same solution track can upgrade to the latest by only taking one exam.

This is a big deal, because before this change, if you held a VCP5-DCV and want to upgrade to VCP6.5-DCV, you would first have to earn the VCP6-DCV (by passing the delta exam) and then upgrade to the VCP6.5-DCV (again, through the delta exam.) In other words, you were not allowed to “skip” a version, unless you wanted to start the track from the beginning and take training and the Foundations exam.

But now, this bridge path allows just that – if you are a current VCP and want to upgrade over two versions, you can by passing the latest VCP exam for that track. One exam and that’s all, and you will hold the most current version. For example:

 Current Certification   New Certification   Skipping over   Bridge Exam 
 VCP5-DCV  VCP6.5-DCV  VCP6-DCV  VCP6.5-DCV exam (2V0-622)
VCP6.5-DCV delta exam (2V0-622D)
 VCP6-DT  VCP7-DTM  VCP6-DTM  VCP7-DTM exam (2V0-751)
 VCP6-Cloud  VCP7-CMA  VCP6-CMA  VCP7-CMA exam (2V0-731)

Note that the Bridge path only applies if your VCP is current; if yours has expired, you will need to take the Expired path for your VCP.

And as always, you can still earn the VCP in a different track by passing that VCP “elective” exam. If you’re a current VCP, you are not required to take another training course or the vSphere Foundations exam.

I wish you the best in 2018!


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  1. VMware needs to come up with some right or one time options for expired VCP certification. Training class requirement should be eliminated at least for people who hold expired VCP but valid VCAP Certifications.

  2. Hi

    The line below the table states that there is a Expired path. What is the expired path?

    Note that the Bridge path only applies if your VCP is current; if yours has expired, you will need to take the Expired path for your VCP.

      1. Hello Karl, My VCP 5-DVC expired on 2017, I saw this link for expired path and have selection of no VCP, it means, that I have to take all path like this will be my first time?

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Jenn, with the change in our recertification policy, you’re VCP5-DCV is now current again. Take a look at this page and select the option for “a VCP5 or VCP6-DCV” and you’ll see your path. You don’t have to start over, but can upgrade through a single exam.


    1. Hi Matt, you are correct, taking the 2V0-622D will upgrade your current VCP5-DCV to VCP6.5-DCV.

      The web page should be updated now to reflect the new path.


      1. That’s great thanks Karl. It’s showing correctly now.

        You wouldn’t happen to know if a “VCP6.5-DCV Official Cert Guide (Exam #2V0-621)” book will be published and when that’s likely to happen?

        1. Hi Matt, the current VCP6 Cert Guide is being updated by the authors to include amendments and additional online additions to update it to 6.5. It’s managed through Pearson Publishing, so I’m not sure of ETA, but could be soon.


      2. Hi
        I am vcp 5 holder, I just passed the 2v0-622 exam yesterday , i understand from your post that i will be vcp6.5 now, since I did not receive any email from Vmware about that
        Please would you confirm

        1. Hi Adel, congratulations! Yes, you will earn the VCP6.5-DCV as long as your VCP5-DCV was current, and not expired, at the time you passed the 2V0-622 exam.


  3. Hi Karl,

    I am VCP6-DCV Certified and I want to upgarde it to VCP 6.5. How can i upgrade it to VCP 6.5. Do i need to take training for VCP6.5-DCV or just the exam and if exam so which exam i have to take kindly provide me the exam code. and I am planning for VCAP 6.5. If i will upgrade my VCP6-DCV to VCP6.5-DCV then can i can i take training for VCAP 6.5 or not.

    1. Hi Lalit, to upgrade to VCP6.5-DCV you can take either the 2V0-622 or 2V0-622D exam. You can find the information on the exam here: https://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrReg/plan.cfm?plan=100942&ui=www_cert#tab-migration.

      As long as your VCP6-DCV is still current, no additional training is required, though it is recommended to help prepare for the exam. That is also true for the VCAP – no training is required, though it helps to prepare for the higher-level exam.


  4. Hi, I have VCP6-DCV and VCP6-CMA. I have to get recertified by January, 2019. Which latest one should I go so that both my existing one’s will also get renewed.

    1. Hi Rahul, you may take the most current exam for either track, and it will renew both of your VCPs. You can take either the VCP6.5-DCV exam or the VCP7-CMA exam, and once passed, both of your VCPs will renew.


  5. Hi Karl ,

    i have recently completed my 6.5 DCV (2V0-622) certification in dec 2018 . AM i qualified for the badge VCP -DCV 2019 ? if not please suggest me the path to assure it .

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