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Experience Horizon 6 with View today

We are excited to announce that the first lab in the 2014 Hands-on Labs content catalog is the Horizon 6 with View Introduction.


VMware Horizon 6 with View is an important product release that brings advanced features to your end-user experience. As the first release in the 2014 Hands-on Labs development cycle, HOL-MBL-1451 brings exciting new content in real time with the general availability release of the Horizon 6 with View product. Be the first to experience Horizon 6 with View and see how your applications and desktops can be unified in a single workspace.


Ready to get started? Launch your own Horizon 6 with View lab experience:



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More Details

You can read all about the Horizon 6 with View release over at the Horizon Tech Blog. Enjoy!


We are looking forward to an exciting VMworld 2014 and cannot wait to share the rest of the labs with you. Be sure to check in regularly at hol.vmware.com for the latest VMware Hands-on Labs news and features.

New VMware Horizon Hands on Labs Now Available!


We are extremely happy to announce the availability of our newly minted VMware Horizon Labs. A huge thanks goes out to our HOL Lab Captains for putting these together…

Details on the Labs……….

VMware Hands on Labs:

Just Added!

Title: Discover VMware Horizon Workspace (HOL-EUC-04)
Abstract: Explore The VMware Horizon Workspace  through this 60 – 75 minute lab module. In this lab you will gain hands-on experience using, administering and integrating with the VMware Horizon Workspace. You will explore the environment to understand the layout and use different clients/browsers to work a day in the life of the administrator helping his end users quickly gain access to the applications they need.

Title: Manage Desktops with VMware Horizon Mirage (HOL-EUC-09)
Abstract: Explore VMware Horizon Mirage through this 60 minute lab module. In this lab you will gain hands-on experience using VMware Horizon Mirage to address three of the most common use cases facing desktop administrators.

Title: Take a Guided Tour of VMware Horizon View 5.2 (HOL-EUC-10)
Abstract: Explore VMware Horizon View 5.2 through this 60 minute lab module. In this lab you will gain hands-on experience using VMware Horizon View 5.2 to learn about many of the new features in the latest release. You will have 60 minutes to complete this lab. The lab manual will highlight the new features of Horizon View leaving you free to explore this live environment. This lab is an open book to learn about Horizon View 5.2.

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