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Learn how the Cloud Operating Model can transform traditional IT Management

Written by Kelly Smith

Cloud computing is the path to future-proof IT infrastructure. VMware has built the market’s leading multi-cloud management solution to power your cloud transformation. It gives you a single cloud management control plane for unified visibility and consistent operations of your applications, infrastructure, and platform services.  

Accelerate agility by automating across infrastructure and application service delivery to unlock innovation 

Optimize performance and manage resource utilization at minimal cost to maximize efficiency 

Control cloud spend by simplifying financial management, driving accountability, and managing sustainability 

Protect infrastructure and assets by managing risk, strengthening security posture, and automating governance 

Explore VMware vRealize® Cloud Universal to deliver enterprise-class multi cloud infrastructure and operations as a flexible subscription. 

See how VMware customer Massachusetts Omni Automated Devices (MOAD) uses VMware Cloud Foundation to quickly provide resources to developers, meet application SLAs, understand security and compliance risks while efficiently using resources.  Check out our 30 minute, Lighting Lab to see this solution in action.  

VMware Hands-on Labs provides everyone free access to VMware products and services to explore and learn. No installation required. You only need your Chrome or Firefox browser, a reliable internet connection, and, hopefully, not too many distractions. 

Operationalizing your VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Private Cloud – Lightning Lab  
Meet the MOAD cloud team in this demo as they use VMware Cloud Foundation to quickly provide resources to developers, meet application SLAs, understand security and compliance risks while efficiently using resources. With vRealize Cloud Management, they will be able to keep up with the business and technology growth through consistent ITOps for private cloud. 

Challenge VCF Solution 
High operational costs across multiple public clouds Common operational model between private and public clouds that leverages existing administration skillsets, tools, and processes.  
High CapEx costs of building private cloud deployments Greater workload density for higher efficiency. 
Slow time to market when building private cloud deployments Faster time to market by eliminating complex processes around system design, testing, bring up, and configuration 

How other customers are using VMware solutions: 

IndusInd Bank: VMware Empowers IndusInd Bank To Deploy Applications Faster At Multiple User Endpoints With Centralized Management 

IndusInd Bank’s vision to provide best-in-class digital banking service required the right technology support to achieve industry dominance. VMware’s solutions helped the bank get centralized control over their applications hosted either on-premise or on public cloud to bring agility in delivering business outcomes and consumer applications with a mobile-first strategy, keeping the employee experience in mind. This has allowed IndusInd Bank to undergo a digital transformation journey that is adaptive to modern applications and that enables enhanced services for its customers. 

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