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Discover New and Updated Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Hands-on Labs

Written by Aaron Ramirez

Operating and maintaining multi-cloud connectivity is becoming more complex and cumbersome across increasingly distributed organizations. VMware SD-WAN™ leverages cloud-hosting to simplify deployment and management of network devices and employs traffic steering to applications in the data center and the cloud. It allows network administrators to combine the bandwidth of any type of WAN connection to more efficiently and cost-effectively connect users to data center and cloud-based applications from any location in the network. This solution incorporates a distributed network of service gateways deployed at top tier cloud data centers around the world and edges providing scalability, redundancy and on-demand flexibility. This solution offers compelling advantages for distributed organizations with critical branch operations, including the benefits of business agility, improved application performance, and lower cost of bandwidth.

The VMware SASE architecture, which includes SD-WAN as one of the pillars of the solution, to provide a cloud-first approach, application quality assurance, intrinsic security, and operational simplicity. SASE converges cloud networking with security for simplicity, scalability, flexibility, and pervasive controls. Combining network security functions with WAN capabilities, SASE delivers secure, optimal, and automated access to applications and workloads in the cloud. This solution offers organizations the ability to enable their globally distributed workforce goals by delivering cloud agility, consumer simplicity, and enterprise security to users anywhere in the world.

VMware SASE includes standalone solutions, like SD-WAN, or when incorporated together provide the full VMware SASE solution.

The SD-WAN and SASE Hands-on Labs will highlight advantages of our solution and how enterprises can benefit from them. 

VMware SASE – Getting Started with SD-WAN (HOL-2340-01-NET)

This lab will cover basic SD-WAN use cases to manage user accounts, activate a branch deployment with Zero-Touch Provisioning, configure SD-WAN overlays, configure Edge Profiles, manage Business Profiles, Cloud VPN, and influence application behavior with Dynamic Multipath Optimization™

Building Managed Services with VMware SD-WAN (HOL-2340-02-NET)

This lab will cover advanced SD-WAN use cases for managing Partner Gateway services. We will create and manage partner accounts, install and deploy a partner gateway, configure the new partner gateway, and validate the partner gateway functionality.

VMware SASE – Getting Started (HOL-2340-03-NET)

This lab will cover various topics related to VMware SASE and provide you with a hands-on experience in configuring, validating, and monitoring these features as you would inside a production environment. Since VMware SASE is a SaaS based solution, more and more features can and will be added, as they are made available.

2022-2023 SASE/SD-WAN HOL Captains:

Frank Snyder, Staff Virtual Cloud Network Solutions Engineer, USA

Aaron Ramirez, Staff Network and Security Technical Account Manager, USA

Ralph Stoker, Senior Network and Security Technical Account Manager, USA

And a big thank you to the team that helped us make these labs possible:

Laszlo Stomp, SASE Technical Enablement Specialist, Hungary

Attila Csontos, SASE Technical Enablement Specialist, Hungary

Leanne Jones, Senior Content Architect, USA

Bill Call, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, USA

Josh Green, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, USA

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