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VMware Explore Singapore | 2022 Odyssey Tournament Winners

Odyssey Back In-person at the Singapore Event

Written by David D’Entremont

VMware Odyssey by Hands-on Labs is an exciting way to test your skills using VMware products and solutions. Tournaments allow you to compete to earn prizes and visibility among your peers. At the VMware Explore 2022 Singapore event, Odyssey was back in-person! 

During the first two days of VMware Explore Singapore, users completed tasks in a live lab environment while racing against the clock. Four challenge rounds ranked users on a cumulative leaderboard showing live results throughout the event. The top 3 winners contended through these challenges: 

VMware Odyssey – vSphere Performance – Beginner (HOL-2204-82-ODY) 

VMware Odyssey – vRealize Operations – Beginner (HOL-2201-83-ODY) 

VMware Odyssey – vSAN – Beginner (HOL-2208-82-ODY) 

VMware Odyssey – Networking Challenge (HOL-2225-81-ODY) 

After all the competition concluded, the tournament scoreboard looked like this: 

Amazing prizes were given out:

1st MacBook Air

2nd Apple Watch

3rd Bose QuietComfort Headphones

1st Saravanan Subbiah, 2nd Md. Nasir Uddin Khan, 3rd Ng Wee Bing

Congratulations to our winners and all who joined and supported the tournament. Many players gain confidence by validating their knowledge and skills through the challenges. Some even find new features for the first time that they can immediately apply to improve efficiency, scale, or the cost of production environments. What will you learn by trying Odyssey challenges?  

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