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 VMware Explore Europe | 2022 Odyssey Tournament Winners

Written by David D’Entremont

When you combine excitement, scoreboards, and prizes with VMware Explore, you get the Intel-sponsored Odyssey Tournament! Hundreds of participants completed tasks in Hands-on Labs environments across 4 days, eagerly working to put their skills into practice across multiple VMware solutions. With the support of Intel, a sweet competition arena was built while fantastic prizes awaited our winners: 

The live leaderboards got active as soon as the doors opened on Monday with the HOL-2201-83-ODY VMware Odyssey – vRealize Operations – Beginner challenge. There were 6 tasks awaiting users to complete. Here are the top scores for the first round: 

The challenge for Round 2 on Tuesday was HOL-2211-82-ODY VMware Odyssey – vSphere – Intermediate. These tasks explored player’s skills in managing a vSphere environment. The top scores for this round showed new names at the top:

On Wednesday, the final qualifying round featured HOL-2226-82-ODY – VMware Odyssey – NSX Security Challenge. As always, helpful Hands-on Labs staff were available to answer questions and help everyone enjoy their time during each round. The time to beat was dropping through the day as users brought their best to this challenge to make the top 10 cut: 

On Thursday the top 10 gathered just before the final started in the morning. Awaiting each of them was an exclusive, blue Odyssey varsity athlete jacket along with a huge crowd to cheer them on. 

The Finals Round 1 featured HOL-2201-86-ODY – VMware Odyssey – vRealize Automation – Advanced which ended with some changes in the top 10.  

The Finals Round 2 was HOL-2208-83-ODY – VMware Odyssey – vSAN Advanced and saw big lead changes: 

At the end, the Top 10 scoreboard was settled….with ONLY 15 POINTS separating first and second place! 

Maximilian Brendler persisted through all 5 rounds to become our Tournament Champion! (Notice the gold champion ring!) Our top 3 was rounded out by Thomas Rudorf and Gary Flynn. Congratulations and enjoy your prizes! 

The elite Odyssey Keyring with collectable metal disks

A BIG THANK YOU to our sponsor Intel for helping to make this event happen and to everyone who participated in the tournament. A belated thank you also to Jon Schulz and Mike O’Reilly for running the final tournament rounds and keeping us all entertained as well. 

Now it is your turn to play all the Odyssey games from the tournament right now and be sure to watch this space for new game releases. 

We have even more fun surprises planned for next year, so get your game on and keep exploring on your learning Odyssey! 

Here are the links to the newly released Odyssey games. What will your score be? 

HOL-2201-83-ODY VMware Odyssey – vRealize Operations – Beginner 

HOL-2211-82-ODY VMware Odyssey – vSphere – Intermediate 

HOL-2226-82-ODY VMware Odyssey – NSX Security Challenge 

HOL-2201-86-ODY VMware Odyssey – vRealize Automation – Advanced 

HOL-2208-83-ODY VMware Odyssey – vSAN Advanced 

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