VMware Explore Hands-on Labs Odyssey by Hands-on Labs

Play VMware Odyssey in Europe and win an Alienware laptop! 

Written by David D’Entremont

Are YOU ready to show your skills at VMware Explore 2022 Europe? Hundreds of attendees to VMware Explore US had the opportunity to compete in the Odyssey Tournament using VMware solutions. The final live tournament saw many lead changes and kept everyone on their feet. We are happy to let you know that we are bringing the tournament to VMware Explore Europe in Barcelona, thanks to our amazing Odyssey program sponsor, Intel! But do not think this will be just like the US event…we have new things to share. 

Visit the Odyssey stage, sponsored by Intel, in a new location just outside the registration area in the 8.0 building. Each day will feature a different game just like the US event. Also, 5 new Odyssey games will debut at the event. The qualifying rounds are open to VMware Explore attendees Monday through Wednesday only at the VMware Odyssey stage. The top 10 scores across the first 3 days will be invited back to the stage for the live, 2-round finals on Thursday at 10:30 CET. All top 10 finalists will receive an exclusive Odyssey Finalist jacket and another special gift. We have some fantastic Intel sponsored prizes for the top 3: 

1st Place Prize – Alienware x17 Gaming Laptop 

2nd Place Prize – Sony RX100 VII Camera and Shooting Kit 

3rd Place Prize – LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 

VMware Odyssey by Hands-on Labs lets you challenge yourself as well as see how your skills with VMware products compare to others. Each game has a list of tasks that must be completed to accumulate points. Bonus points are available for those that complete the tasks in the shortest time. 

Some new games may now allow you to ‘buy’ a hint using some of the points earned for a task. This gameplay was introduced in the final tournament in the US and will be available in some of the games at VMware Explore Europe. Hints provide just that, a hint, not the solution to the task. They may be information you already know, which makes them a tactical tool during gameplay. Choose wisely, and do not forget about that ticking clock! 

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