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VMware TestDrive Experiences on the New Discovery Platform  

written by Francisco Martinez  

To Experience TestDrive at VMware Explore 

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New for 2022, in the Hands-on Labs room, we are featuring VMware TestDrive experiences delivered on the new Discovery Platform!

What is VMware TestDrive?

VMware TestDrive is a self-service, cloud-hosted product demonstration platform available to VMware Employees, Partners and their customers which provides instant access to a fully featured, globally available, and integrated suite of VMware products.

Solutions TestDrive Area at VMware Explore

Location: Moscone West, Level 3, just outside the entrance to the Expert-led Workshop area

Labs Running on Bare Metal at VMware Explore

  • Introduction to Multi-cloud Application Security
  • VMware NSX Security Solutions
  • VMware Carbon Black App
  • VMware Carbon Black Container Security
  • VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Security
  • VMware Carbon Black Workload Security
  • VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations
  • VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Universal Console
  • Secure Horizon with SASE Cloud Web Security
  • Live Migration to the Public Cloud
  • Secure Remote Workers with SASE for Anywhere Workspace

TestDrive Benefits

  1. Maintained by VMware thus it saves time and expenses of building your own demo environment.
  2. Fully configured demos where users can gain hands-on experience.
  3. Accelerates sales by inviting customers to experience VMware solutions in action, on-demand.

Where TestDrive Can Be Used

Product Demos

  • Sales-centric configurations (not limited by VMware IT)
  • Available anywhere, anytime enabling the global field teams
  • Self-service access for trade-shows/booths

Customer Product Experiences

  • Self-service portal & environments
  • Environments are already configured (no setup time)
  • Documentation & walkthroughs are focused on product value/solutions

Partner Enablement

  • Enable partners to do their own demos
  • Partners no longer must maintain their own demo environments

TestDrive Components

TestDrive Portals
TestDrive Knowledge Base

How to Sign Up for TestDrive

There are two ways to access the TestDrive demo platform

Through the TestDrive Portal

•Navigate here

•Use your corporate email address

•Tip: For Partners, use the email address associated with your Partner Connect account

•Follow the guide steps to invite Customers

Through Pathfinder

•Navigate to Pathfinder and click on Login if you have an account, or select SignUp

•Employees can use VMware/CSP account to log in.

•Others use your email address associated with your myVMware/Partner Connect account

•On the next screen, please fill in the user details correctly

•Once signed in, navigate to Catalog to view all Path offerings

Additional Resources

TestDrive Knowledge Base

TestDrive Support

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