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Hands-on Labs Welcomes You Back!

The team has been hard at work creating the experiences you’ve missed and creating fresh, new experiences for you to engage with VMware products and solutions…

Hands-on Labs at VMware Explore 2022 US details

Expert-led Workshops

We have 86 opportunities for you to learn about VMware solutions from the experts who create the labs, our Expert-led Workshops are small sessions (40-50 seats) and 90 minutes jam-packed with product information and hands-on experience in a live environment.

This year, to truly highlight your multi-cloud journey, three of our cloud partners will be presenting workshops on their live infrastructure; check out the Oracle (Bring your Third-Party Applications and Secure your VMware Solution in OCVS), Azure (Learn how to integrate Azure VMware Solution with Native Azure Services) and AWS (VMware Cloud on AWS Expert-led Workshop)

Check out all 86 workshops in the VMware Explore Content Catalog, and sign up for your favorites!

Self-paced Labs

Of course, if you prefer to get hands-on at your own pace, we will be offering 95+ titles in our Self-paced Labs area, this year we have configured the room to give you more access the to subject matter experts you come to see. Our room will be divided into 4 focus areas, and while you can take any lab, anywhere…we invite you to find the are that aligns with your interests as we have staffed each area with specific experts to answer your questions, tell you about their favorite features, or deep dive into a solution with you.

Self-paced Labs Theaters at VMware Explore US 2022

New for 2022, in the Hands-on Labs room, we are featuring VMware TestDrive experiences delivered on the new Discovery Platform.  TestDrive provides instant access to a fully featured and integrated suite of VMware products running on bare metal. Check in at the Hands-on Labs Welcome Desk to try out this new experience and chat with the solutions experts.

Solutions TestDrive in the Hands-on Labs Room at VMware Explore US 2022

VMware Odyssey by Hands-on Labs

It’s back!!! The ultimate test of your VMware skills and knowledge, Odyssey! This year the Odyssey Tournament is open to everyone! All you have to do is play the daily games and rank in the top 10 on the cumulative leaderboard and you will be entered into the tournament for a chance to win some amazing prizes (we always outdo ourselves on the Odyssey prizes 😉 ) Watch this space for details and the big reveal on what you can win if you are the ultimate Odyssey champion!

  • Monday: Game #1
  • Tuesday: Game #2
  • Wednesday: Game #3
  • Thursday: Tournament Games 1 & 2 @ 11:00AM – 1:00PM
VMware Odyssey by Hands-on Labs at VMware Explore US 2022

Tours, Command Center and a Scavenger Hunt

The Hands-on Labs Tours are an opportunity to meet the lab creators and engineering teams that work to build the lab experiences. This journey behind-the-scenes takes about 30-45 minutes, covers all of the elements in the room and covers business and technical topics. The final destination on the tour will bring you to our world famous Command Center wall where you can see how we monitor the Hands-on Labs room in real time, using VMware products. If you want to see what happens behind the curtains, stop by the Tours Check-in Desk at one of the tour times below.

Hands-on Labs Tour Schedule

The Tours Check-in Desk location is the Hands-on Labs room on the 3rd floor of Moscone West.  There is a Tours check-in desk right inside the entrance on the right.

Hands-on Labs Tours Check-in Desk

And finally, this year we are hosting our very first Hands-on Labs Scavenger Hunt! Come and explore the Hands-on Labs room and win prizes while you do it! For details on what it takes to win, check out our official scavenger hunt blog!

VMware Explore 2022

We hope to see you August 29th!! (Have you registered yet? No? There is a handy link below 😉 )

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