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Discover the Value of Getting Started with vRealize Operations

Written by Greg Sylvestre, Frances Wong

vRealize Operations Manager delivers intelligent operations management with application-to-storage visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Using policy-based automation, operations teams can automate key processes and improve IT efficiency.

Explore VMware Hands-on Labs Getting Started with vRealize Operations and discover how to optimize VM performance, reclaim resources, manage virtual infrastructure capacity, troubleshoot your virtual environment, automate tasks, and more.
VMware Hands-on Labs provides everyone with free access to VMware products and services to explore and learn. No installation required. You only need your Chrome or Firefox browser, a reliable internet connection, and, hopefully, not too many distractions. 
Access this lab NOW, free of charge by visiting Getting Started with vRealize Operations!

Lab Overview  

Module # Module Title  Level 
1Overview of vRealize Operations ManagerBeginner 
2Performance Tuning Beginner 
3Capacity and Cost Management Beginner 
4Troubleshooting Hosts and VM’s Beginner 
5Monitoring Applications & Services Beginner 
6Automation Central Beginner 
7Preparing for Cloud/Hybrid Datacenters Beginner 

Inside the Lab 

VMware Hands-on Labs provides a fully functional environment ready for you to explore VMware products and solutions at your own pace. A lab manual is provided to walk you through various use cases and functionalities of the product to get you started. Below are some screenshots found in Getting Started with vRealize Operations. For more information about the specific topics covered in the lab manual, feel free to review text versions of our lab manuals HERE.  

Lab Insights for Getting Started with vRealize Operations

Persona Focus Applications & Development, Business Continuity & DR, Capacity Planner, Cloud Services, Compliance & Security, Database, Networking, Operations, Performance, Quality & Testing, Storage, System Administration 
Solution Categories Cloud Solutions, Software-Defined Data Center 
Product Categories Data Center Virtualization, Multi-Cloud Operations, Private & Hybrid Cloud, Virtualization Management, VMware Validated Designs 

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